Construction Of Large Open Caissons In Soft Stratum

Zhiquan, Chen
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
Author has exhaustively researched into soft ground through construction of a large open caisson on soft ground (muck) which weighs more than 4, 000 tons. To avoid any contingency during construction, we precompressed muck stratum with a sand cushion and consolidated it with sand piles before construction of the caisson. We made borehole surveyings and soil tests many times before and after ground treatment. Following the tracks of changes of the caisson at all stages of precasting, we surveyed a large number of data. On the basis of analysis of the data we changed the original construction plan of precasting in four stages and sinking in three stages into that of precasting in three stages and sinking in one stage. Through the practice of the whole caisson construction the author has advanced new theory of kinematic law for soil particles and the change's law for strength of muck during precompression of sand cushion and consolidation of sand piles.
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