Part 8: Iso-Definition

Muter, Richard B.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 39
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
1. Coal Preparation Terms (General) 1.1 Coal preparation-collectively, physical and mechanical processes applied to coal to make it suitable for a particular use. 1.2 Run of mine (ROM coal)-coal produced by mining operations, before screening, crushing, or preparation. 1.3 Raw coal-coal that has received no preparation other than possibly screening or crushing. 1.4 Raw coal feed-raw coal supplied to a plant or machine, in which it undergoes some form of preparation. 1.5 Coal cleaning-the treatment of coal to lower the mineral matter content (ash). 1.6 Cleaned coal; clean coal-coal produced by a cleaning process (wet or dry). 1.7 Middlings-a product of coal preparation that, by reason of its ash content, is intermediate between coal and discard. It follows therefore that the relative density of middlings is intermediate between those of coal and discard. Middlings may be reprocessed. 1.8 True middlings; bone comparatively high ash particles so nearly homogeneous that their quality cannot readily be improved by crushing and recleaning. 1.9 False middlings; interbanded middlings-middliigs in which the particles consist of bands of coal and shale, and from which the coal may be liberated by crushing 1.10 Refuse-waste material in the raw coal which the cleaning process removes. (See also discard; dirt; stone, No. 1.12). 1.1 1 Reject-the material extracted from the feed during cleaning, for retreatment or discard. 1.12 Discard; dirt; stone--the material extracted from the raw coal and finally discarded. 1.13 Recirculation-the operation in which the whole or part of a product from a process is returned to the feed to the process, e.g., the return of the crushed overflow from a screen to the screen feed for rescreening. 1.14 Foreign coal-coal received at a preparation plant from a colliery other than that to which the plant is attached. 1.15 Imported coal-coal coming from a foreign country, or other state within the country. 1.16 Low-grade coal combustible material that has only limited uses owing to undesirable characteristics (eg., ash content or size). 1.17 Segregation-partial separation of a previously mixed material into its constituents, occurring as a result of differences in either particle size or relative density. 2. Cleaning Characteristics 2.1 Washability-amenability of coal to improvement in quality by cleaning. 2.2 Float-and-sink analysis-the division of a sample into relative density fractions with defined limits, the proportions of the fractions being expressed as percentages of the total sample, commonly with an indication of the ash percentage (and other characteristics, if required) of each fraction.
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