Part 3: Preparation Plant Safety

Misagi, Leo
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 15
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
THE ROLE OF MANAGEMENT IN PLANT SAFETY Safe Production In plant management, safe production is an ideal. It becomes reality when: 1. Plant employees work in healthful and safe conditions. 2. Plant safety is in harmony with productivity. 3. Worker absenteeism and turnover are low-the work force is stable. Plant management must apply its talents, skills, and resources to build and maintain the foundations of safe production on a system of policies, procedures, and attitudes. It must do so by marshaling all managerial functions - staffing, direction, control, innovation, and representation-toward that goal. Ideally, a plant safety program is proactive. Management should plan and implement safety activities that are aimed at prevention. Past accidents-accomplished facts-should not be the sole guide of future actions. In other words, positive preventive measures, not the fewness of accidents are the criteria for safety production. An ideal safety program is one which is cost effective. Management should view plant safety as part of a broader program-loss control. Loss control includes prevention of fires and other accidents, unhealthful conditions, and occurrences that cause bodily injury, illness, property loss, or damage. Management evaluates the employees' productivity and safety. An effective training program aimed at loss control is the hallmark of safe production. Ideally, both labor and management should be well versed in safety. They believe in the premise that work-related injury and illness, as well as property loss and damage from fire and other accidents, are manageable and preventable. Such belief prompts them to learn more about the work process and potential hazards associated with each job. They also learn how to expect and prevent fues and other accidents, and respond to emergencies at the plant. Plant management determines which individuals or groups of employees are accountable for the following functions:
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