Part 1: Separation Evaluation

Peng, Felicia F. ; Luckie, Peter T.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 58
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
INTRODUCTION The maximum recovery of cleaned coal at the required quality is of major concern to plant operators. However, the quantity and quality of products of coal cleaning, predicted by theoretical calculation based on washability studies and determined in the operation of actual commercial cleaning plants, will be different for each coal. Therefore, during the last half century, coal preparation engineers have repeatedly sought methods for evaluating the technical and economical efficiency of separating coal in coal cleaning equipment and for predicting the quantity and quality of cleaned coal produced, as well as profit- ability for the entire plant. Many formulas have been proposed by investigators to evaluate the efficiency of various coal cleaning operations. Performance criteria in use today are capable of defining all of the important aspects of a given concentrating operation; however, each criterion has certain restrictions or limitations. It is important, therefore, to understand how such formulas can be used and the problems involved in their construction. Technical Measures of Equipment/Plant Performance Conventional measures for evaluating the performance of a preparation plant are generally the same as those used to evaluate equipment performance. Measures involving separation efficiencies are influenced by the following three broadly encompassing primary factors: (1) density composition of the feed coal, (2) design characteristics of the cleaning unit, and (3) relative density of the separation. Since separation efficiencies are dependent on factors involving the nature of the coal, they are termed dependent criteria and represent a very broad technical indicator of an individual process or plant performance. Performance measures known as independent criteria are influenced mainly by quantitative errors inherent in the design and operation of the processing equipment. Economic Measures of Plant Performance True assessment of coal cleaning methods require reference to economic measures such as profitability. During the years in which technical efficiency criteria for characterizing plant performance were being improved, coal preparation engineers were also seeking appropriate economic criteria to assess plant performance. Technical and economic effectiveness of plant performance are important parameters for coal preparation flowsheet design. The relationship of the technical and economic parameters can be formulated in an economic model and mathematical model with the aid of computers. The computerized models
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