Autogenous Grinding Application in Turkey

Dogan, Zeki M. ; Kaytaz, Yalçin ; Tezcan, Ahmet
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1992
Autogenous grinding in Turkey was first applied to quartzite where the mill is grate discharge type with an internal diameter of 2.99 m, having a length of 3.20 m and a capacity of as to 11.0 tons per hour. The second autogenous grinding was applied to a copper ore at Murgul Cakmakkaya Flotation plant of (KBI) Black Sea Copper Works having three mills 26 feet in diameter and 10 feet in length in close circuit with hydrocyclones. Recently, alterations were made in grinding circust by adding pebble mills. Furthermore, rubber liners and lifter bars were introduced pebble extractor and classifier were new features in the primary mills and circulating load was reduced by 20-50 tons per hour. At the end of these charges, capacity of each mill line was increased to 48 tons per hour with a full capacity of more than 9000 tons per day. Thirdly, autogenous grinding has been executed successfully on the slags of Samsun Smelting Plant of (KBI) Black Sea Copper Works with a mill of 20 feet in diameter and 6 feet on length having pebble mill following autogenous grinding.
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