Measurement of Effects of Interaction and Influence on Mine Layout Design at Maltby Colliery

Oram, J. S.
Organization: International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1997
Maltby Colliery, operated by RJB Mining (UK) Ltd is successfully mining the Parkgate seam in Yorkshire at a depth of 1000m using longwall retreat. Extraction in the Parkgate seam is influenced by interaction from previous workings in the Swallow Wood Seam 160m above. The paper describes in-situ stress measurements and simple gate road convergence measurements carried out to assess the extent of the interactive influence. The stress measurements, obtained using the stress relief overcore technique, were carried out from a maingate development roadway in an area where the stress redistribution under an overlying pillar and adjacent panel goat could be measured. The measured vertical stress distribution confirmed a significant interactive influence with high imposed vertical stresses under the overlying panel edges. Simple roadway convergence monitoring stations established in the gateroads of a retreating panel and in the development gateroads of the adjacent panel, confirmed higher rates of roadway deformation relating to overlying panel edges and pillars, particularly in the areas where a vertical stress window developed during panel retreat. In addition to highlighting a close relationship between closure rate and the measured vertical stresses, the convergence monitoring proved valuable in establishing characteristic deformation behaviour under specific interactive influences and also in defining the optimum location, extent and time of installation u£ additional roadway support and reinforcement. The information from the measurement programme has enabled the Mine Management to gain a better understanding of the interactive influences on roadway behaviour and was instrumental in designing the layout of panels in an area of the North East district of the mine where previous experience had indicated the combined influence of high interactive stresses and weak roof lithology resulted in difficult strata conditions both at development and on panel retreat. The planned location of panels and gateroads took into account both mining operational considerations and the need to avoid potentially high risk interaction zones as highlighted from analysis of the monitoring results. To obtain additional data on parameters influencing roadway deformation, extended roadway convergence monitoring has been established.
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