Longwall Mining Near an Impoundment Embankment - A Case Study

Born, Donald D.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 3
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
Mine No. 95 is located in Harrison County about 5 miles west of Shinnston, WV, with coal properties covering the northwest corner of Harrison County and the southwest corner of Marion County and with adequate Pittsburgh seam reserves to support the mine for many years. The mine was opened in 1967 and was planned, projected and operated as a room and pillar mine. It is located on a spur branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, has rail loading facilities and shipped by rail during its development stage. In 1972 it was converted to a mine mouth power station supplier and now transports coal by conveyor belt directly to the Harrison Power Station of Allegheny Power System. In 1971 the first longwall unit was installed in a selected area of the mine and immediately an orderly system of planning was developed to overcome the restrictions associated with longwall mining. The first was the development of the technique necessary for the plugging of abandoned oil and gas wells that existed in the area. With the assistance of the Morgan- town Energy Research Center of the Bureau of Mines, this restriction was overcome and thus opened a great potential for longwall mining in northern West Virginia. Other restrictions that had to be considered for longwall planning were dwellings and other improvements, snap top zones, water courses, and adequate bleeder systems, and the handling and treatment of mine drainage. In 1975 the second longwall unit was installed and soon therefore became a total longwall mine.
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