An Analysis Of Subsidence Movements Associated With An Abandoned Shallow Room-And-Pillar Coal Mine

Yoginder P.,
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Authors sincerely appreciate the interest, cooperation and technical support of the coal company management and staff in conducting the study. Without their assistance this study would not have been possible. INTRODUCTION AND SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES An area in the midwest overlying abandoned room-and-pillar mine workings at, shallow depth has been experiencing subsidence movements with associated damage to surface structures. Other coal companies in the area have also been having similar experience. A 16 - month cooperative study between a mining company and the Department of Mining Engineering at SIUC was developed with the following objectives. 1) Determine the extent to which surface and subsurface movements were complete in the area, 2) Identify the mechanism(s) of subsidence in the area, 3) Determine the influence of geology and hydrology of the area on subsidence movements, 4) Observe the conditions of abandoned underground workings with a borehole TV camera, 5) Characterize the extent of damage and monitor possible progressive damage to selected surface structures, and 6) Make recommendations to a) minimize further damage to surface structures in the area, b) identify future areas that may be affected by these movements and c) modify mining systems to minimize these movements.
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