Monitoring Of The Interaction Effects Over A Longwall Panel In The Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia

Cain, Peter
Organization: International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Pages: 11
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1993
The Phalen Colliery in the Sydney Coalfield is extracting the 2.6 m thick Phalen Seam by the panel and pillar longwall retreat method. Abandoned workings occur in the Harbour Seam 140 m above and overlie the Phalen Colliery. Parts of these workings are flooded, and pose a number of questions relating to the safety of operations in the Phalen Colliery. In order to answer some of these questions, the Cape Breton Development Corporation re-entered an abandoned non-flooded roadway in the Harbour Seam directly above a retreat panel in the Phalen Seam to allow the deployment of instrumentation to monitor interaction effects. Fifteen monitoring sites, each 4.5 m apart, were installed in the 5 East Top Level after it had been re-entered and made safe. Each monitoring station included a vibrating wire strain gauge piezometer and a potentiometric extensometer. The piezometers were attached to rock bolts anchored into the floor and were connected by a flexible standpipe to a constant head apparatus. Variations in hydraulic head due to subsidence were monitored to determine subsidence. The extensometer units were mounted on rock bolts anchored into the floor of the roadway beneath the ribside and monitored ground strains. The instrumentation was capable of remote reading in the event that access to the site was restricted after installation. This paper describes the instrumentation, the installation programme, and some preliminary results.
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