Greater Safety With Increased Productivity Coal Mining Operations

Beerbower, William B.
Organization: International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
When full length resin grouted bolts were introduced into U. S. coal mines some 11 years ago, it was assumed that safety would be the primary benefit. There is ample testimony to substantiate the safety factor as an important reason for using resin roof bolts. More recently, it has been determined that many coal operators not only concur with the safety consideration but also benefit economically from the safer working conditions resulting from a reduction in roof falls. IMPROVED SAFETY Some typical roof fall reduction experiences with resin bolting follow: ? Western Kentucky Mine - Resin bolting reduced roof falls by 80%. ? Southern West Virginia Mine - Experienced 141 roof falls between 1971 and 1972. In 1973 with resin bolting, roof falls were reduced 85%. ? Western Pennsylvania Mine - In 1973 had 59 roof falls with mechanical bolts. During the same period of 1974 with resin, only 19 falls were experienced - a reduction of 66%. The overall experience with resin bolted roof support has been an average 50% reduction in roof falls. Long term, this can translate into improved worker morale. As a matter of fact, a general mine foreman at the same Southern West Virginia mine mentioned above commented that improved miner morale was noticeable following the introduction of resin bolting. HOW GREATER SAFETY CAN BE COMBINED WITH INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY IN COAL MINING OPERATIONS Experience has also shown that a reduction of roof falls with resin bolting has resulted in increased production for many coal operators. Some typical examples with mines using resin bolting follow: ? Western Kentucky Mine - Resin bolting contributed to increasing production from 7000 to 11,000 tons per day, due to a 80% reduction in roof falls. This was accomplished in part by a reduction of 50% in timbering requirements and the reassignment of three roof fall cleanup crews to coal production. ? Pennsylvania Mine - Following resin bolting introduction the section showed a 50% increase in production. ? Central West Virginia Mine - Continuous miner production averaged 6 cuts per unit shift prior to resin bolting. Reduction of cleanup time, resulting from improved roof support with resin bolting, increased production to an average of 9 cuts per unit shift. PROPERTIES OF RESIN BOLTING SYSTEMS Several of the important properties of resin bolting systems which contribute to its improved performance are listed below: ? Full length anchored resin bolts and many resin anchored, point anchored bolts provide effective resistance to changing rock strata stresses throughout their length, thereby improving stabilization of rock strata over long periods of time. ? Individual layers of rock are anchored into a single high strength beam providing excellent resistance to vertical and lateral strata movement, the most common cause of roof failure. ? Moisture cannot corrode the fully grouted bolt. ? Has twice the pull strength of mechanical bolts (See Figure 1)
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