Design And Operation Of Powered And Entry Supports

Hutchinson, Thomas L.
Organization: International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1981
The mechanical design of a roof support is basically a matter of a statics and dynamics problem, assuming of course, that the imposed loads and mining conditions are known. Here in the Appalachian coal fields the general conditions are known well enough to allow the majority of the proposed new faces of longwall to be furnished with standard commercially available supports equipped with suitable variants and options. While not trying to negate the primary importance of thoroughly investigating a potential face and the selection of the correct equipment for that face, it still becomes clear that an equally important aspect of the design of an adequate ground control program has in the past too of ten been overlooked, having been overshadowed by the ?endless? selection process of the roof supports proper. The equally important aspect which this paper discusses is the overall design of a mining system, which design incorporates not only the size and capacity of the equipment but the following points as well, namely: Equipment adaptability to mining scheme, Equipment va. human constraints, Operation at the designed levels, and Coordination of operation, maintenance and support design. Unless the coordination of these factors is considered in the design and selection of the equipment, a lopsided and inefficient operation is possible. How can we afford to put an 8-10 million dollar investment up to chance as to whether it will yield optimum results or not?
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