Leaching Of Gold And Silver From Kupol Composite Sample: Part II - Assessment Of The Celp - Preprint 09-048

DeschĂȘnes, G.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
In Part I of the work, gold and silver were shown to be efficiently extracted from Kupol samples using lead nitrate in a cyanide leach system. In Part II, a comparison of the technical and economic merits of a new technology called CELP (CANMET Enhanced Leaching Process) was made with the cyanidation/AVR(Acidification-Volatilization-Recycling) process using 8 metallurgical variability samples as well as a large composite sample which represented initial two years of Kupol mill feed. The composite sample had 33.4 g/t Au and 289 g/t Ag. The metallurgical demonstrated that the CELP produced very similar gold and silver leach extractions compared to the standard Cyanidation /AVR leach conditions at 1/2 the cyanide concentration (1000 ppm NaCN in CELP vs. 2000 ppm for cyanidation/AVR leach conditions). It was estimated that the total cost per ton, were approximately the same for the two technologies (total cost of the CELP with the use of Merrill-Crowe at $46.48/ton, with cyanidation/AVR at $46.13/ton). However, the implementation of the CELP would eliminate a capital expenditure of approximately $5 million. Eight variability samples used to confirm the previous results showed that on average the gold and silver leach extractions with the CELP and the feasibility leach conditions were very similar for gold extractions, but 4.6% higher for silver extractions compared to the conventional cyanidation. The decision was made to remove AVR cyanide recovery from the Kupol flowsheet and implement the CELP at Kupol. The ability to use conventional leach equipment with the CELP and simplify the flowsheet was also a factor, given the remote location of the Kupol Mine.
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