The HWPT Engineered Membrane Separation® (EMS®) Method Of Copper Recovery From Acid-Minesite-Solutions (AMS) - Preprint 09-042

Lombardi, J. A.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 3
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
Acid-Minesite-Solutions (AMS) are defined as copper-containing pit lake, tailing pond, acid-mine-drainage, and heap and waste dump irrigation solutions. All of these solutions are characterized by copper, acid and water contents that have value as individual commodities. HW Process Technologies, Inc. (HWPT) has developed nano- and hyper-filtration membrane methods for the separation of copper and other base metals, acid and water from AMS. These treatments are collectively called HWPT?s Engineered Membrane Separation® (EMS®) systems. The EMS® method of copper recovery produces small volumes of higher-concentration copper solution from large-volume, copper-dilute AMS. A case study of the 4,000 gpm Cananea EMS®-AMS plant for the recovery of copper from an acid-pit-lake resource is described. The EMS® method of copper removal from AMD and tails pond waters has been bench-scale demonstrated and are described, complete with projected budgetary capital and operating costs. Additional treatments for the recovery of sulfuric acid and high-quality water from the permeate (membrane passing) waters for the above-described AMS treatments are presented, with budgetary capital and operating cost estimates. [ ]
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