Use A Cansolve SO2 Scrubbing System To Better Link Your Batch-Operated Furnace With Its By-Product Sulphuric Acid Plant

Roy, P.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
Smelting or converting of sulphide concentrates and mattes in a batch operation presents a challenge when directing the off- gas to a conventional acid plant. The Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (a division of the Vedanta Group of companies) Chanderia Lead Zinc smelter was presented with such a challenge that was met with the adoption of the CansolvĀ® SO2 Scrubbing System. The Ausmelt top submerged lance technology used at Hindustan Zinc generates a furnace gas stream that containsbetween 0.1 vol% and 12 vol% SO2 during the three stages of batch smelting. CansolvĀ® SO2 Scrubbing Technology captures the SO2 to ensure that treated flue gas exits the facility at a concentration below 100 ppmv SO2 and it releases SO2 in a controlled fashion, to more closely match the needs of the existing acid plant. The application of a regenerable scrubbing system to capture SO2 from a batch-operated furnace and convert it to acid in a conventional acid plant was a first of its kind in the world. This paper provides an update on the design and operation of the Hindustan Zinc SO2 recovery system and suggests two improvements to the basic flow sheet that optimize the cost of SO2 scrubbing further.
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