Design Of Permanent Intruded Plugs At South Deep Gold Mine

Littlejohn, G. S.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 13
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
In anticipation of the flooding of an adjacent dolomitic groundwater compartment, five rough parallel sided boundary plugs at 58 and 50levels have been designed to resist safely hydrostatic heads of 1500and 1250 metres, respectively, over a service life of 100 years. Following a description of the engineering properties of the surrounding rocks, the paper details the design considerations relating to structural length and strength, hydraulic gradient, rock mass watertightness, constituent materials of mortar intruded concrete, pregrouting of permeable discontinuities within the surrounding rock mass, a bentonite barrier to resist aggressive mine water, plug tightening and design performance requirements. Routine quality control tests include permeability of the rock mass, fluidity, bleed and strength development of the intruded mortar, and temperature of the intruded concrete during curing. A special test programme includes determination of strength and stiffness of cored concrete and rock samples, shear strength of the rock/plug interface and associated in situ contact stress in order toe stimate the load safety factor against plug failure by shear.
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