The Influence Of Rockpass Excavation And Operation On The Structural Design Of Box Fronts

Achilleoudes, S.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2005
This paper describes the various factors that contribute to the maximum design pressures acting on box fronts and how these factors influence the mass and economy of box front steelwork. The influence of material density, rock size and moisture content on the incidence of hang ups and mud rushes in the rock pass is also highlighted. The loads acting on any box front are a function of several different parameters. These include natural, operational and excavational parameters. A case study analysis was carried out using UG2 ore and a typical box front structure to demonstrate the relationship between the mass of the box front and the material pressures resulting from variations in the above parameters. Based on the results of this case study, the required design mass of a side mounted box front for a rock pass containing platinumUG2 increases in (close to) linear proportion to % overbreak and is also linearly proportional to the pressure on the face of the box front beyond saturated conditions. The mass of the box front structure also doubles with a 100%increase in over-break which emphasises that a box hole excavation that is as neat as possible will yield a lighter and more econimical box front structure.
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