Deformation Behaviour Of Rocks Under Compression And Direct Tension

Yu, X.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2005
Although many investigations of the deformation behaviour of rocks have been carried out, most of them are carried out in compression. In all rock engineering practice it is usually assumed that the deformation of rocks in tension is the same as that in compression. However, data from numerous researchers have shown that this assumption is not correct for some rocks. A new loading frame for testing rocks in compression and direct tension has recently been developed by the authors, with the capacity to conduct both compression and tensile tests on the same rock sample. The results obtained show that the ratios between the average Young?s modulus in compression (ECA) and in direct tension (ETA) are 1, 1.16, 2 and 6 respectively in four rock types tested. For Poisson?s ratios, analogous relations were obtained. It was observed that, in all cases, the tangent Young?s modulus intension reduces with an increase in the applied tensile stress, while the behaviour of Poisson?s ratio is similar, but shows greater variability. The difference between the Young?s modulus of rocks in tension and that in compression could lead, large errors in calculating induced stresses around underground openings, as well as in determining the Brazilian tensile strength of rocks. This may have a significant influence in rock engineering and therefore more investigation is necessary into the tensile deformation behaviour of rocks and its influence.
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