Characterization Of Inorganic Material In Secunda Coal And The Effect Of Washing On Coal Properties

Dyk, J. C. van
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2005
The objectives of this study were firstly to characterize and quantify the inorganic material in the Secunda gasification feedstock. Secondly, the effect of washing on coal properties and sulphur content was investigated. Coal from a single source and a coal blend from 6 different mines were tested. Composite samples were visually sorted by a geologist in the groups containing roof, floor, C-shale, pyrite, carbonates and siltstone material. Inorganic mineral types from the single source and coal blends were characterized separately. Characterization results indicate that the average mineral matter distribution (mass %) of the coal tested was as follows: carbonates (6%), carbon-shale (19%), pyrite (12%), roof (18%), floor (46%) and siltstone (22%). The roof, floor, pyrite, carbon-shale, carbonates and siltstone in the single source and coal blend have similar chemical properties and characteristics, except for the ash melting temperatures of pyrite and kaolinite in the siltstone. By implementing selective mining and increasing mining management practices, the percentage discard in the run of mine coal can be significantly reduced, by up to 45%, if the mining of roof and floor material can be avoided. No significant impact of mining practices on sulphur content is expected in this case due to the low concentrations of sulphur in the roof and floor material. In summary, selective mining practices will probably result in almost45% decrease in the discard content in the run of mine to gasification, an increase in the carbon content from 55.0% to 58% (air dry basis) and a decrease in sulphur content from 1.1% to 0.9% (air dry basis). It is clear from this study that the main source of sulphur is not in the high ash-content mineral types (e.g. floor and roof), but in situ in the coal structure. Keywords: inorganic material, effect of washing, roof, floor, pyrite, C-shale, carbonates and siltstone
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