In Situ Studies On Service Life And Pick Consumption Characteristics Of Shearer Drums

Tiryaki, B.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 16
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
Longwall shearers usually suffer from excessive pick and pickholder consumptions and severe wear of the back plate of the clearance ring section of shearer drums. In practice, most of the drums were seen to be withdrawn from the face due to the abovementioned problems, while vane picks and their holders were intact due to the improper lacing design of the clearance ring picks. However, few underground investigations and their results on the effect of lacing arrangement of clearance picks on the service life of shearer drums have been published. Nevertheless, the pick consumption characteristics of shearer drums were not investigated in detail, since these are fewer pick consumptions with shearers when compared to roadheaders. This paper is concerned with the comprehensive in situ trials on the effect of lacing of clearance ring picks on the lifespan of shearer drums, and the pick consumption characteristics of longwall shearers at Cayirhan Coal Mine in Turkey. The lifespan of shearer drums employed with shearers in this mine increased 70 per cent, while the consumption rate of clearance ring picks decreased threefold through using an alternative lacing for clearance picks, indicating the significance of utilizing proper design techniques for clearance ring picks for the service life of shearer drums. Statistical analyses carried out, using the raw pick consumption data, implied that the clearance ring picks experienced much higher loads than vane picks, revealing that special attention must be paid to designing clearance ring picks. An average maximum consumption value of 41 was determined for clearance ring picks, with corner-cutting picks having the most replacements, while it was 35 for vane picks, on three-day based pick replacements.
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