Reply To H.G. Denkhaus ?Brittleness And Drillability? - In The Journal Of SAIMM, Vol 103. No. 8. Pp. 523

Altindag, R
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2003
A large number of brittleness concepts have been used in very different studies in the literature. One of them is the B1brittleness concept. In this study, the objective is to criticize the B1 brittleness concept on rotary blast hole drills. The B1 brittleness concept, the ratio of uniaxial compressive strength (sc) to tensile strength (sT), are widely used as a rock brittleness concept in the literature (Inyangand Pitt, 1990; Verhoef, P.N.W. 1993; Neil, D.M. et al.1994;Becker, et al.1984; Evans and Pomeroy, 1966; Göktan, R.M.1992; Kahraman, S. 2001; Yamaguchi, U. 1970; Verhoef, P.N.W. et al.1996; Bilgin, 1982; Howarth and Rowlands,1987; Howarth, D.F. et al. 1986). So, it was used as a rock brittleness concept in this article. The value of the B1brittleness concept is equal to the tangent of ß angle in the following graph. It was seen that more meaningful relationships could be obtained with the B2 brittleness, the under ?Area?(= 1/2(scxsT) = B2) under the curve, instead of tangent ß, (=B1), of the curve.
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