Improvement In Ventilation In A Fire Affected Mine

Sahay, N.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2003
Improvement in work place environment by conventional methods viz., installation of higher capacity fan, fans in parallel operation or booster fan is a risky proposition in many coal mines in India because of difficult geo-mining condition such as shallow depth, multi seam workings having thin parting and inter connected goaves one above the other. The situation is further worsened if the mines have fire affected sealed off area connected to different ventilation circuits. On many occasions circulation of more air quantity by increasing fan pressure have resulted in initiation of spontaneous heating. To address these problems, authors have made some improvement in conventional Dynamic Balancing of Pressure Technique and worked out few ventilation schemes which are aimed for neutralization of pressure differential across sealed off area at the same time having improvement in ventilation in the mine. The excess pressure differential across sealed off area is mainly caused by introduction of higher capacity fan. Similar situation prevailed in one of the mines of Jharia Coalfield, India. The problem was solved by application of the above technique. In this paper, brief description of the technique, the problem in the mine, results of investigation, computer simulation studies of various schemes and methodology adopted for implementation of the technique in the mine have been discussed in some detail. Keywords: Dynamic Balancing of Pressure Technique, Spontaneous heating, Work place environment.
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