Cobalt And Nickel Removal From Zincor Impure Electrolyte By Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) - Pilot Plant Demonstration

Tonder, G. J. van
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The use of Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT), a highly selective separation technology using specifically designed ligands (such as macrocycles), has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment process for removal of several ions that are commonly found in many hydrometallurgical circuits as well as in environ-mental treatment operations. Ions removed by MRT include base, heavy and transition metals, precious metals, halides, and alkali/alkaline earths. A MRT pilot plant run was conducted at Zincor to demonstrate the cobalt/nickel purification of zinc electrolyte, and to recover saleable pure cobalt/nickel sulphate solution. The MRT process holds various advantages, which include the elimination of a catalyst such as arsenic trioxide, conventionally used in cobalt and nickel cementation. SuperLigĀ® 138 can be used to remove cobalt and nickel from120?170 g/l Zn-solutions at pH 1?2. The Zincor MRT application demonstrated its capability of concentrating large volumes o copper barren impure solution at low cobalt and nickel concentration levels in the feed, to small solution volumes at high cobalt and nickel concentrations. Around 99.5% of the cobalt was removed from solution with cobalt impurity levels in feed varying between 10 mg/l and 26 mg/l.
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