The Rehabilitation Of Impala No. 1 A Ventilation Shaft - Introduction

Bothma, A.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2001
The Impala No. 1A ventilation shaft is located approximately 15 kms north of Rustenburg and is accessed via the R510road from Rustenburg to Northam/Thabazimbi. This situation is shown on the location plan in Figure 1. The geology at the site consists of an upper layer of black turf of about 1 metre in thickness, grading into weathered norite. The depth of weathering is generally less than 5 metres. Zones of deeper weathering may occur along fracture zones associated with faults and dykes. Groundwater occurs mainly within the weathered/fractured aquifer system. The ventilation shaft is a 5.1 m diameter upcast shaft ,and forms part of a system of ventilation shafts to complement the existing infrastructure as mining progresses down the new twin decline extension of Impala 1 shaft. The principal reason for these shafts is to lessen the risk of an extended RAW and also to counter the effects of the heat build-up as the mining goes deeper, with the resultant effect that the existing cooling centre (fridge plant) becomes more remote from activities. The No. 1A shaft (upcast) is positioned approximately 1,2 km on down dip from the main shaft and the No. 1Bshaft (downcast) approximately 1,2 km further. Geological information was used from a borehole 1,2 km away on strike from the upcast shaft. The first shaft (1A) is a 5,1 m diameter hole to be fitted with two 2,2 MW fans, whilst the second shaft (1B) is 4,1 m diameter to accommodate a 7MW fridge plant.
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