Innovative Hydrogen Production By Reaction Integrated Novel Gasification Process (HyPr-RING)

Lin, S.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2001
A new hydrogen production process, named the HyPr-RING, has been proposed. Fundamental concept of the HyPr-RING is integration of water carbon reaction, water-gas shift reaction and CO2 absorbing reaction in a single reactor. Firstly, thermodynamic analysis was done to judge the possibility to realize the process. It was found that high pressure and temperature condition, such as 20 MPa and 1000 K, is required to promote this integrated reaction. Next, experimental verification of the new process was done under the high pressure and temperature reaction conditions. As the results, integration of above three reactions in a single reactor can be done successfully and produced a large amount of hydrogen as estimated by thermodynamic analysis. Experiments showed that organic materials including coal, heavy oil, biomass, plastics can be used in this process. In the gaseous phase, no pollutants such asH2S, SO2, COS are detected so that gas cleanup system is not required for power generation when this process is used. Finally, a process design was made to estimate process efficiency. Theoretically, 1 mole of carbon can generate 2 moles of hydrogen and cold gas efficiency of this process estimated as more than 80 per cent. The process potentially reduces hydrogen production cost compared with the conventional hydrogen production methods. Keywords: Hydrogen, Fossil fuel, Energy, Process, Supercritical water
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