Novel Basket Design For Fine Coal Centrifuges

Thomas, M.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2001
This paper summarizes the results from a project aimed at adapting scroll centrifuges for application to the dewatering of flotation concentrates. The main impetus for the project was to reduce the high cost and footprint size of the technology currently used to dewater fine coal. The technical challenge was to enhance solids capture by incorporating a laser-cut screen into the design of the basket. The project has shown that a pilot-scale scroll centrifuge can be used to dewater froth concentrate. A number of different basket designs were tested, the best results being achieved with a basket comprising a laser-cut screen of aperture 70 ┬Ám. The best result on a sample of untreated flotation concentrate, which was taken from the open trough flotation cells at a coal preparation plant (CPP) in NSW was a solids recovery of 82 wt% at a product moisture of 24.3wt%. By comparison the best product achieved with a conventional wedge wire basket was a similar moisture content but solids recovery was only 64 wt%. This could only be achieved after the feed had been artificially thickened. Conditioning of the centrifuge feed with polymer flocculants led to an increase in recovery up to 88 wt% with a moisture content of ca 25 wt%. It is thought that optimizing additive selection and conditioning parameters, as well as screen aperture and open area, could improve performance still further. The results were obtained using centrifuging conditions (centrifugal force, feed solids, feed rate) in the pilot-scale machine which should be possible to translate into conventional designs of commercial scale machines, without downgrading solids throughputs. However only with full-scale trials will it be possible to establish this assertion with certainty.
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