Reduction And Sintering Of Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets - A Comprehensive Review

Prakash, S.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 14
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1996
Iron ore pellets with or without additives are commonly used as alternate charge material in both conventional and newer ironmaking processes. The performance characteristics of these pellets are normally assessed on the basis of their reducibility values, reduction strength and resistance to clustering. These properties depend mainly on the type and amount of additives and on the sintering phenomena of the pellets during firing. In the case of composite pellets (ore-coal pellets), reduction and sintering of the iron ore fines occur simultaneously. The thermodynamic and reaction mechanisms of the processes involved in the reduction of iron ore pellets with and without reductants, additives, etc., may not necessarily be identical. The reduction and sintering characteristics of pellets greatly influence the reaction mechanism and the surface morphology of the reduced pellets. The approaches in the literature to the analysis of these reduction and sintering phenomena are broadly categorized as follows: (i) empirical models, (ii) models based on kinetics, and (ill) models based on morphological changes. The relative merits and de-merits of these models are illustrated by their application to the reduction of fluxed ore-coal composite pellets. A critical analysis of the investigations that have been conducted on the reduction and sintering behaviour of such pellets is given. It is shown that, although elegant empirical models and kinetic equations have theoretical significance and can be usefully employed in elucidating the reaction mechanisms of iron ore lumps, they are sometimes not directly applicable to fluxed ore-coal composite pellets. In studies of the latter, the approach should be to correlate the morphological changes with the reduction mechanism. The paper also gives a brief account of an investigation on the reduction and sintering aspects of fluxed composite reduced iron pellets.
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