FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneMine?

OneMine is the product of an innovative collaboration among societies that serve the mining and minerals community. OneMine brings to the Internet a uniquely valuable aggregation of the full-texts of high-impact mining research documents.

OneMine’s titles are published by societies and other not-for-profit organizational publishers which, until now, have been available only in printed form. OneMine provides integrated, cost-effective access to a thoroughly linked information resource of interrelated documents focused on the mining, mineral and exploration sciences. OneMine is unique in that it brings these sources into one search engine and location.

OneMine delivers:

  • A thoroughly linked and sophisticated database
  • A model of society collaboration in pursuit of shared interests in research
  • An innovative program that enables premier not-for-profit journals from mining societies to remain independent and viable; and
  • A unique opportunity for libraries to enhance their support of research directly and at a lower cost.

What institutions currently subscribe to OneMine?

Please click here for a list of global Institutions that currently subscribe to OneMine.

What kinds of titles are included in OneMine?

OneMine includes a broad selection of the full-texts of articles and peer-reviewed journals published by not-for-profit societies and other publishing organizations. Articles are available PDF formats. View a running list of societies and organizations here.

OneMine represents a core resource for any college or university library supporting undergraduate or advanced studies in mining and minerals, and for organizations engaged in research and development. OneMine is distinguished from other aggregations by its highly-focused content from related sources.

What are OneMine's editorial standards?

Each OneMine participating organization is responsible for the editorial content of its documents.
Titles are included in OneMine if they are known to maintain high standards for editorial integrity and credibility in the dissemination of mining and minerals research, and are well regarded by the scientific communities. For each accepted document, OneMine presents the full texts of all papers as well as other primary information of value to researchers.

OneMine is a collection of society-contributed documents and does not act as a publisher of those documents. If you have a document that you would like to submit to OneMine, please contact a participating society.

There are two ways to access documents on OneMine:

  • OneMine is a benefit included in the cost of membership with participating societies. For information about these organizations, please visit our participating societies page.
    For pricing and subscription information, please email on info@OneMine.org
  • For one-time use, a pay-per-document fee can be charged to a credit card. The fee is $25 per document. Usually, it is more cost effective to purchase an annual membership from a participating society. See our participating societies page for more information.

Who created OneMine and what is its leadership?

OneMine was created in early 2007 by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME). Additional contributing societies adopted the concept quickly. These societies include:

  • AIME (American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers)
  • IMMS (International Marine Minerals Society)
  • SAIMM (South African Institute of mining and Metallurgy)

Each of the collaborating organizations has made substantial contributions to the project.
For contact information on each of OneMine's participating organizations please visit OneMine Participating Societies.

Why is OneMine necessary?

Despite being significant in their respective fields, many mining and minerals society journals are still unavailable electronically. Of those that are available, most are online at individual society "silo" Web sites, the maintenance costs of which can be unfavorable to the society publisher. Additionally, silo sites are generally speaking unable to provide robust exposure to institutional subscribers.

Through OneMine, participating publishers have an opportunity to make the jump to the Web, a financial and technological commitment otherwise beyond the reach of many societies. Providing a web presence enables them to keep their publications viable and independent of commercial control while meeting the needs of both their members and the library market. With broad dissemination of information possible through the Web, societies have an opportunity to expand their subscriber market, readership, and influence. Through OneMine’s marketing and consortium sales around the world, societies can introduce their journals to heretofore untapped institutional markets, as well as reintroduce their journals to institutional markets that have dropped the print subscription.

What are the advantages of OneMine?

OneMine is committed to the best practices in online digital document aggregation and Web-based access. The service utilizes both established and new technology in order to provide features and functions most in demand by today’s mining community, while using technology as a way to keep society documents viable and successful in this electronic age.

My society wants to participate in OneMine—what next?

Please contact Krunal Patel, OneMine Administrator, for more information at info@OneMine.org (email)