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for "System of Geological Plans and Sections of North Broken Hill Limited"

System of Geological Plans and Sections of North Broken Hill Limited
Society / Organization AUSIMM 
Summary / Abstract The inauguration of a geological department for the mines of North Broken Hill Limited necessitated the provision of accurate plans and sections upon which geological facts and projections might be plotted.Unfortunately, the basic data were very inadequate. For the British Section, sill survey plans were available, but no regular stope plans. Filling surveys had been preserved for many stopes, but on innumerable pieces of tracing linen, without heights of any kind, and not altogether reliable (as indicated by the finding of very inconsistent duplicates). For the bulk of the old stopes no plans exist at all. The expenditure of much time and patience has resulted in the co-ordination of most of the existing stope data, but the British Section must for the rest of its life continue to have surprises in store, as has been the case for many years past. Manufacture and preservation of stope records has, of course, been on a sound footing during recent years. No reliable cross-sections of the British Section were available.The Marsh, Junction, and Junction North Sections have for the most part very poor data. In the North Section, level plans were fairly reliable, and cross sections of the lode made for ore reserve purposes have been preserved for quite a few years. No floor plans of stopes were kept, however, until a couple of years ago.Diamond Drill records vary in quality. Practically none exist for the Junction and Junction North Sections. Logs have been kept for the British Section drill holes, but are... 
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Copyright Date 1/1/40 
Publication Date 1/1/40 
Digitization Date 1/1/11 
Book Title System of Geological Plans and Sections of North Broken Hill Limited 
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