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for "Institute of Metals Division - Hydrogen Solubility in Aluminum and Some Aluminum Alloys"

Institute of Metals Division - Hydrogen Solubility in Aluminum and Some Aluminum Alloys
Author Opie, W. R. ; Gran, N. J. 
Society / Organization AIME 
Summary / Abstract HYDROGEN in molten aluminum and aluminum alloys, which precipitates during cooling and solidification, is the principal cause of pin hole porosity in ingots and castings. Much attention has been given to determining the effect of temperature and pressure on the solubility of hydrogen in pure aluminum, but little data are available on hydrogen solubility in aluminum alloys. This investigation was undertaken to check results reported for pure aluminum and to show the effect of silicon and copper additions on the amount of hydrogen contained by molten alloys. Previous determinations of the solubility of hy-drogen in molten pure aluminum are plotted in fig. 1. The most reliable data appear to be those of Ransley and Neufeldl and of Baukloh and Oester-len.' The latter authors also report some results on the effect of copper and silicon additions. Up to 6 pct these elements decrease the solubility of hydrogen quite rapidly, with a definite minimum noted at 6 wt pct for both copper and for silicon, although no reason is apparent for these minima. Experimental Procedure The solubility of dry hydrogen in pure aluminum, aluminum-silicon, and aluminum-copper alloys was determined by the method of Sieverts.8 This consists of determining the volume of the gas system above the molten metal at a given temperature and pressure by using an insoluble gas. This volume is referred to as the "hot volume." The system is then evacuated and the soluble gas is introduced at the same temperature and until the same pressure is reached. It is necessary to introduce enough of the soluble gas to fill the space above the metal plus the soluble amount. The difference in the volume of soluble gas and the "hot volume" is the solubility. The accuracy of solubility measurements by the Sieverts' method is primarily depend- 
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Copyright Date 1/1/51 
Publication Date 1/1/51 
Digitization Date 2/13/08 
Book Title AIME Transactions 
Chapter Institute of Metals Division - Hydrogen Solubility in Aluminum and Some Aluminum Alloys 

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