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TITLE Has Block Caving A Future In Mining? 
SUMMARY ... main troubles with the square sets were that (1 ) the ... ore is made in the control
set by drawing ... by telephone, running the muck without stopping it , directly ...
AUTHOR Brinckerhoff, C. M.
TITLE Principles of Stope Planning and Layout for Ground Control 
SUMMARY ... The practice of con- trolling output by stopping and starting ... 4000-ft) depths, at
most mines. ... removed by a modified mining method such as square-set stoping or ...
AUTHOR MacMillan, P. W. ; Ferguson, B. A.
TITLE Leakage Testing Of Large Ventilation Control Structures For Room And Pillar Oil Shale Mining 
SUMMARY ... square section steel tubes (A-36), from roof to floor. ... These support mem- bers were
set on 7 . 5 ft centers across ... Figure 2 Brattice and Wire Mesh Stopping (BWM ...
AUTHOR Adam, M. E. ; Brechtel, C. E. ; Agapito, J. F. T. ; Thimons, E. D.
TITLE Rigid Foam For Mine Ventilation 
SUMMARY ... greater than any other type stopping now being used. ... foam which meets the minimum
standards as set by the ... one inch thickness, reducing the cost per square foot ...
AUTHOR Alston, G. L.
TITLE Choosing an Underground Mining Method 
SUMMARY ... Square-set mining is suitable for small ore bodies of high-grade material, where
good ... The South African gold mines are examples of longwall mining in hard rock ...
AUTHOR Hamrin, Hans ; Kennedy, Bruce
TITLE Calibration Of On-Line Ash Analyzers Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS) 
SUMMARY ... ANFIS performs equally on both training and validation set. ... avoided by using the
early stopping tech- nique ... Training and validation root mean square (rms) error ...
AUTHOR Galetakis, M.
TITLE GOB Ventilation and Bleeder Systems in U.S. Coal Mines 
SUMMARY ... drilled into the inby end of the first set of rooms ... size of t e gob area was 0.02
square miles P ... thousand cfm (2.36 m3/s) leaked through the stopping lineint e ...
AUTHOR Urosek, John E. ; Watkins, Timonthy R.
TITLE Pressurization Of Intake Escapeways With Parachute Stoppings To Reduce Infiltration Of Smoke 
SUMMARY ... Doors were in the set of crosscuts immediately outby ... surprising, for the conventional
parachute stopping design was ... the entry geometry is closer to a square. ...
AUTHOR Kissell, Fred N. ; Timko, Robert J.
TITLE A Theoretical And Experimental Study On Air Leakage Through Stoppings 
SUMMARY ... This was followed by a set of comprehensive studies conducted ... is the amount of leakage
per 100 square feet in ... WG, which is a function of stopping material and ...
AUTHOR Wang, Dai
TITLE Ventilation Planning and Design of the Skyline Mines 
SUMMARY ... Resistaaoes were evaluated using the Square Law relationship. ... ventilation controls
at the Skyline Mines are given on Table 2. Stopping resistance varied ...
AUTHOR Duckworth, Ian J. ; Wallace, Keith G. ; Wise, Robert
Showing: 1 to 10 of 108 matches for "square set stopping mines" where society/organization is "SME"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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