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TITLE Controlled Load Development At Longwall Coalfaces 
SUMMARY ... The initial study of 4 leg1260 tonne supports was conduc- ted at 23's Pace in the
Parkgate Seam (1.8m thick, shallow dipping), the second study being performed ...
AUTHOR Isaac, A. K.
TITLE Long Hole Drilling For The Platinum Industry - A Mining Perspective 
SUMMARY ... Whether the application is for shallow dipping (< 20 degrees) or steeply dipping
(above 20 degrees to near vertical) reefs, the mining layout and the selection ...
AUTHOR Rapson, G. ; Rupprecht, S.
TITLE Geotechnical Investigation for New Outlet Facilities at Lake Mathews, California 
SUMMARY ... and northwest. Together with a shallow-dipping joint set, these joints locally
tend to form rectangular blocks. Less prevalent joints ...
AUTHOR Bell, Robert P. ; Waggoner, John T.
TITLE World Record Tunnelling Project At Randfontein Estates Gold Mine 
SUMMARY ... Supergroup. The orientation on the orebody is flat to shallow dipping and
relatively continuous over the lease area. Intensive mining ...
AUTHOR Halasz, Leslie S.
TITLE Importance Of Geotechnical Field Mapping In Assessing The Stability Of Underground Excavations 
SUMMARY ... It is anticipated that the shallow dipping joint with 48° dip and 318° dip direction
will play a major role in structurally controlled failure. ...
AUTHOR Adu-Acheampong, A.
TITLE Geology And Geochemistry Of The Lone Tree Gold Deposit, Humboldt County, Nevada 
SUMMARY ... Zones of shallow-dipping mineralization have also been mapped at Lone Tree.
Examples of these are the HW -I and "Sucker" zones (Fig. ...
AUTHOR Bloomstein, E.
TITLE Control Of Copper In Carbon Adsorption And Gold Recovery Circuits - American Girl Mining Experience 
SUMMARY ... The underground mine uses a unique mining technique, "drift and fill" (Towner, 1991),
useful especially at this site where shallow dipping veins, high ore ...
AUTHOR McKenzie, C. L.
TITLE The Importance Of Both Geological Structures And Mining Induced Stress Fractures On The Hangingwall Stability In A Deep Level Gold Mine 
SUMMARY ... the face. The last group consists of shallow dipping fractures that strike
approximately perpendicular to the face. Major planes ...
AUTHOR Quaye, G. B.
TITLE Candelaria – Low Cost Copper-Gold Producer in Chile 
SUMMARY ... The most prominent structural feature in the re- gion is the northerly trending,
shallow dipping Tierra Amarilla Anticlinorium, where the Candelaria ore body ...
AUTHOR Ryan, P. J.
TITLE Carlin, Nevada - The Exploration And Discovery Of The Carlin Gold Deposit 
SUMMARY ... These papers and the address by Roberts gave details concerning the Roberts Mountain
overthrust, a 483 km (300-mile) long, shallow- dipping fault which pushed ...
AUTHOR Sheldon, R. F.
Showing: 41 to 50 of 3660 matches for "shallow dipping"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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