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TITLE Geology Of The Black Fox Mine Matheson, Ontario, Canada 
SUMMARY ... These are: 1) free gold associated with shallow dipping (20-50 degrees) quartz veins
and stockworks in green carbonate and ankerite altered ultramafic rocks (U0 ...
AUTHOR Berentsen, E. J. ; Nanna, R. F. ; Lougheed, R. ; Dell’ Elce, D.
TITLE Banning Cyanide Use at McDonald – An Attack on Open-Pit Mining 
SUMMARY ... Geology and mineralization. The McDonald gold deposit is contained within a
shallow dipping, highly po- rous rhyolitic volcanic rock unit. ...
AUTHOR De Voto, Richard H.
TITLE Geotechnical Considerations for the Final Design of the Detroit Upper Rouge Tunnel CSO Project 
SUMMARY ... Bedrock Geology The underlying bedrock consists of very shallow dipping sedimentary
rocks comprising shales, lime- stones, and dolomites. ...
AUTHOR Habimana, Jean
TITLE Application Of The Q-System To Australian Underground Metal Mines 
SUMMARY ... A 1-m-thick sheared zone may be of no consequence if it is shallow- dipping
and confined between good-quality rock. Con- versely ...
AUTHOR Peck, Warren A. ; Lee, Max F.
TITLE Regional Support Pillars for Improving Working Conditions In Open-Stoping 
SUMMARY ... The exception is the hangingwdl argillites which can have smooth, shallow dipping
persistent joints and this feature limits individual stope widths and can ...
AUTHOR Geol, S. C. ; Page, C. H.
TITLE SOMA: A New Method to Calculate the Operative Stress Field: Results from the Laurel Mountain Mine, Russell Co., Virginia 
SUMMARY ... is more apparent (Figure 3). This clustering indicates ashallow north dipping set,
a horizontal set, and a shallow south dipping set of opened fractures. ...
AUTHOR Byington, Craig
TITLE Transportation Tunnel Rehabilitation 
SUMMARY ... migmatic gneiss. The rock contains numerous joint sets, including vertical
and horizontal (or shallow) dipping joints. Shear zones ...
AUTHOR Godlewski, Paul M. ; Guardia, Roberto J.
TITLE A review of information on the influence of plan curvature on rock slope stability and its effect on the volume of wedge failures 
SUMMARY ... However, slopes with very large concave plan radii of curvature have very shallow
dipping wedges that would not fail under ordinary conditions. ...
AUTHOR Armstrong, R. ; Stacey, T. R.
TITLE Empirical Design of Span Openings in Weak Rock based upon Support Type Employed 
SUMMARY ... When evaluating areas with shallow dipping or flat joints, a correction factor
minus 10 is applied to the final calculation of RMR 76 . ...
AUTHOR Ouchi, A. M.
TITLE Mining Gold in Northeast China 
SUMMARY ... C. Shallow dipping massive sulfide vein is mined by hand using picks or by
hand steel and explosives. Ore is mined separate from waste. ...
AUTHOR Parrish, I. S.
Showing: 41 to 50 of 3680 matches for "shallow dipping"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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