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TITLE Computer Simulation of Stoping Methods at the Z.C. Mines Broken Hill Operations 
SUMMARY ... TABLE IDENTIFICATION: Stoping Method. (CF or LH) = LH = Long Hole Open Stope. Stope
ID. (A,B,C,D or E) =C = 110 LHDS. Run Number. =6 =Sequential Run Number. ...
AUTHOR Richardson M ; Hoare R ; Koeng R
TITLE Lead-zinc Ore Mining at the Isa Mine of Mount Isa Mines Limited, Mount Isa, Queensland 
SUMMARY ... two diaphragm rings against adjacent fill in a pillar stope. The cut-off raise is
generally raisebored at 1.8 m dia, though a 1.8 mx 1.8 m long hole winze will ...
TITLE Sources of External Dilution in Underground Sublevel and Bench Stoping 
SUMMARY ... On the other hand, repetitive blasting of long hole winzes along tabular, narrow
orebodies has been known to severely weaken the bench stope hangingwalls. ...
TITLE Dilution Control at Outokumpu Mines 
SUMMARY ... geophysical in-hole logging with long hole drilling has ... encouraging (Figure 6).
Geophysical in-hole logging system ... core drilling in detailed stope planning and ...
AUTHOR Pitkajarvi J
TITLE Hanging - Wall Control at Willroy 
SUMMARY ... the hanging wall at 8-foot intervals a long the 12th ... random ore pillars were not
used ; the stope was mined ... P rocedure A 3-inch-diameter hole, inclined at -1 ...
AUTHOR Marshall, D
TITLE Lease Linkup, North Kalgurli 
SUMMARY ... To overcome some of the problems of transporting ore over long leads, involving
poor trucking conditions, internal ore and waste passes have been developed and ...
TITLE An Outline of Blast Hole Diamond Drill Stoping at Mount Isa 
SUMMARY ... Fig. 6.-Typical lay-out of Stope under ordinary conditions. ... Each hole is stemmed
with two or more sticks of clay tamping. ... dia. x 5 ft. long XR,B screwed rods. ...
AUTHOR McConachie W J
TITLE Blast-Hole Diamond Drilling at Flin Flon 
SUMMARY ... to local conditions and that overall costs compared favourably with costs obtained
with the Leyner long-hole method. Leyner long holes on stope benches usually ...
AUTHOR Proudfoot, G.M.
TITLE Mining Practice at Mammoth Mine 
SUMMARY ... found to be unsatisfact- ory for long upholes ... any small cracks or dislodged rocks
within the hole. This discouraged stope firers from persisting with difficult ...
AUTHOR Mitchell M A
TITLE Cratering Theory Evolves into New Underground Mining Technique 
SUMMARY ... The height of a stope is 42 m and has an average width of 6 m. Because the orebody
is dipping about 75 0 , all holes have to be inclined ... CONVENTIONAL LONG HOLE ...
Showing: 51 to 60 of 3910 matches for "long hole stope"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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