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TITLE An Outline of Blast Hole Diamond Drill Stoping at Mount Isa 
SUMMARY ... Fig. 6.-Typical lay-out of Stope under ordinary conditions. ... Each hole is stemmed
with two or more sticks of clay tamping. ... dia. x 5 ft. long XR,B screwed rods. ...
AUTHOR McConachie W J
TITLE Mining Practice at Mammoth Mine 
SUMMARY ... found to be unsatisfact- ory for long upholes ... any small cracks or dislodged rocks
within the hole. This discouraged stope firers from persisting with difficult ...
AUTHOR Mitchell M A
TITLE Metal Mining - Sublevel Stoping in Small Mines 
SUMMARY ... Since that time this method, and modifications with long hole drilling, have been ...
breaking an initial mining slot across the stope; third, driving crosscut ...
AUTHOR Lillie, J. J.
TITLE Cratering Theory Evolves into New Underground Mining Technique 
SUMMARY ... The height of a stope is 42 m and has an average width of 6 m. Because the orebody
is dipping about 75 0 , all holes have to be inclined ... CONVENTIONAL LONG HOLE ...
TITLE Mechanization of Rock Drilling at Inco 
SUMMARY ... Fig. &Undercut-and-fill stope, Frood mine. Fig. ... Fig. 7-Two-boom long-hole jumbo.
the fewer blasts and shorter waiting time for smoke to clear after the blasts. ...
AUTHOR Green, G. R. ; McDonald, R. C.
TITLE Cut-and-Fill Stoping - Introduction to Open Cut-and-Fill Stoping 
SUMMARY ... standard long-hole equipment is generally used. The location of the rock pass system
is controlled primarily by the access on the level under the stope and ...
AUTHOR Waterland, Joel K.
TITLE Surface to Underground - Making the Transition 
SUMMARY ... 40 m into the hangingwall of an orebody to intersect and seal a diamond drill hole
that was pouring excessive amounts of water into a long hole open stope. ...
TITLE Copper Ore Mining at Mount Isa Mines Limited, Mount Isa, Qld 
SUMMARY ... Vertical development for ventilation raises, ore passes, and stope cut-off raises
is done with raiseborers where possible, though long hole winzes are ...
TITLE Planning for Narrow Vein Mines 
SUMMARY ... Long hole open stoping and uphole benching are now favoured methods in steeply dipping ...
and improved safety as personnel involved do not enter the stope cavity. ...
TITLE Long Hole Open Stoping the Zinc Corporation, Limited and New Broken Hill Consolidated Limited, Broken Hill 
SUMMARY ... The 'B' Lode stope being further advanced, was where the ... consequently brought to
light a major problem - hole deviation ... found to be excessive in 28 m long holes ...
Showing: 51 to 60 of 3510 matches for "long hole stope"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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