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TITLE Trolly Assisted Haulage Experiences At Iscor's Sishen Iron Ore Mine 
SUMMARY ... return exceeded 50% and ttie diesel fuel consumption would be ... 154 t diesel electric
rear- dump haultruck is ... a current collector mounted on the truck and "add-on ...
AUTHOR Vorster, B. J.
TITLE Optimum Dump Planning In Rugged Terrain 
SUMMARY ... Fuel consumpti on will vary by a factor of 0.80 to ... cost per operating shiftfora
170-ton haul truck would be ... can be related toa tonnage or volume of dump material ...
AUTHOR Bohnet, Ernest L.
TITLE Trucks 
SUMMARY ... 6. Has improved fuel economy through lower rolling resistance ... All rear dump
manufacturers furnish a standard body size and ... struck capacity of a truck or trailer ...
AUTHOR Bishop, Thomas S.
TITLE In-Pit Crushing and Conveying System and Dexin Pit Copper Haulage Optimisation for Ore Transport 
SUMMARY ... deeper mining, results in higher and higher operation cost, fuel consumption, tyre
wear ... operation decreasing five per cent because a larger dump truck might be ...
TITLE Mobile Equipment Health Monitoring And Management Using Integrated Electronic Monitoring Systems 
SUMMARY ... Haul speed, cycle times and fuel consumption can be used to compare one ... 6 economic
life of the truck. ... along with the speed and distance from the dump location. ...
AUTHOR Chatham, M.D.
TITLE Road Trains Underground ù The Alternative Trucking System 
SUMMARY ... is required on both sides for large dump trucks with ... Truck type Engine hours (h)
Capital cost ‡ ($/t km ... t km) Total cost ($/t km) Average fuel consumption (L/h ...
AUTHOR K Guilfoyle ; A Robertson
TITLE OPCOST ? A Comprehensive Mine Costing System ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... are de- termined from productivity estimates or consumption rates supplied ...
tipleentriesdefiningt he various material, equipment, labor , fuel , supplies , ...
AUTHOR Mathieson, Graham A.
TITLE BATMIN - Business Analysis Tools for Mining 
SUMMARY ... and inputs, cost and consumption of fuel, power, lubricants ... Haul/dump/return/queue
sec 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 ... Truck cycle time sec 1426 1460 1542 1562 1668 ...
TITLE Increased productivity with AC drives for mining excavators and haul trucks 
SUMMARY ... over the differentials at the rear of the truck, and the dump cylinders, which are ...
This reduces idle fuel consumption to about 5% when the truck is retarding ...
AUTHOR Brown, G. M. ; Ebacher, B. J. ; Koellner, W. G.
TITLE Mine Trucks 
SUMMARY ... required to accomplish the loading, dump- ing, and ... the regulations affecting planning
and truck operation, proper ... limitations of on-board fuel quantities, the ...
AUTHOR Stevens, Robert M.
Showing: 51 to 60 of 726 matches for "dump truck fuel consumption"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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