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TITLE Rock Mechanics - The Effect of Friction on the Strength of Model Coal Pillars 
SUMMARY ... with tests on molded specimens of "equivalent material" (barite- sand mixture with
a binder) that an increase of 33% in the coefficient of friction resulted in ...
AUTHOR Meikle, P. G. ; Holland, C. T.
TITLE Applications Of Ceramic Materials In Ore Processing Equipment Show Continued Growth 
SUMMARY ... mentioned above had a life of less than four months with concrete hex-mesh linings ...
Basalt is low in cost, has a much lower coefficient of friction than the ...
AUTHOR Roe, Frank C.
TITLE Design and Construction of Tunnel and Shaft Plugs 
SUMMARY ... be used, (concrete, steel, alu- minum, other), • Pressure head the plug will resist
under the var- ious loading conditions, • Coefficient of friction for ...
AUTHOR Marold, James W.
TITLE Investigation Of Recycled Plastic Piles For Support Of Structures In Expansive Shale Environments 
SUMMARY ... when compared to other conventional pile materials, such as steel or concrete. A
research hypothesis is that a low coefficient of friction would provide a ...
AUTHOR Brandner, Eric
TITLE An Analysis of the Resistance and Airflow Characteristics of Mine Shafts 
SUMMARY ... and eliminating the need for a coefficient of friction. ... The largest reported coefficient
of fill was 57.7 per ... is clear that in this sample, concrete lining and ...
TITLE Ventilation and Dust Control 
SUMMARY ... Overcasts, like stoppings, are built of tile, brick, stone, concrete, concrete blocks,
or combinations ... R = klo?r2 Resistance =coefficient of friction x the ...
AUTHOR Mosgrove, Jed H.
TITLE Core Drilled Shafts For Ventilation And Emergency Escapeways 
SUMMARY ... no actual measurement of the coefficient of friction in the hole. It \vould appear
that the coeffi- cient will approximate that for smooth concrete, about 0.25 ...
AUTHOR Sturges, F. C.
TITLE Design Of Roof Bolting Systems For Room And Pillar Mining 
SUMMARY ... 60' - 80"; Coefficient of friction , l = 0.3; By eq. theses equals 1. n (4), Fig.
2, v = 1.3856 radians<-; By eq. (2), 2 a = * 4.127 MPa (599 psi ) ; By eq. ...
AUTHOR Wright, Fred D.
TITLE The Resistance To Airflow Of Mine Shafts 
SUMMARY ... ak value of 0.003 kg/m3 for a smooth (concrete or steel ... of standardized air density
by using the dimensionless Chezy Darcy coefficient of friction, f, rather ...
AUTHOR McPherson, Malcolm J.
TITLE Recent Research On Rock Slope Stability By The Mining Research Centre 
SUMMARY ... If a representative coefficient of friction has been obtained, then the angle of
friction (4) can be ... pads were made of reinforced concrete, and after ...
AUTHOR Herget, G.
Showing: 11 to 20 of 751 matches for "concrete coefficient of friction"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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