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TITLE CIS: Mining and Change 
SUMMARY ... tailings disposal draw- ings, environmental plans and cash flows. ... into several cat-
egories:A,B, C1,C2 or ... must be identified and quantified and the cost of any ...
AUTHOR Semple, P. G.
TITLE Ravenswood Gold Mine, an Experience of Rapid Exploration, Development and Production 
SUMMARY ... Hor"blo"dlto l:Z!londod Rock 1f.\',;c1 Gobbro Carbonot ... TABLE 3 COMPARISON OF SIMPLE
CASH FLOW' FOR A HEAP LEACH ... Gold production Value at $20/g Operating cost ...
AUTHOR Dennis R ; Palmer G ; Clark A
TITLE The Treatment of Iron Making Blast Furnace Dust by Chloride Hydrometallurgy 
SUMMARY ... A good filterable and low C1- zinc carbonate was produced ... in this area may well be
cost effective ... construction in 1992 was delayed, because of cash flow problems ...
AUTHOR Van Weert, G. ; Honingh, S. ; Johnson, R. E. ; Kat, W. ; Palmer, B. R. ; van Sandwijk A.
TITLE Capacity Growth and Capacity Utilization in Non-Ferrous Metal Mineral Industries: Some Conceptual Issues 
SUMMARY ... price at PI, and production at C1 corresponding to ... Such cost relationships are likely
to be quite common. ... By definition, the governments of such countries have ...
AUTHOR Radetzki, Marian
TITLE Quantitative Methods, Computers, Reconnaissance Geology And Economics In The Appraisal Of Mineral Potential 
SUMMARY ... Because of inadequate definition one might conclude after the fact that an exploration ...
problems, and issues in economic terms, such as benefit-cost analysis. ...
AUTHOR Harris, D. P.
TITLE 4. Procedures for the Preliminary Financial Evaluation of Metal Mining Ventures ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... also a critical variable because of fairly common delays and cost overruns and ... As
noted previously, this usually means estimating the net cash flow for ,each ...
AUTHOR O?Neil, Thomas
TITLE Financial Evaluation Of Mineral Deposits Using Sensitivity And Probabilistic Analysis Methods 
SUMMARY ... to permit an engineering and economic evaluation and so indicate high-cost areas
of ... The discounted-cash-flow rate of return is used as the criterion to select ...
AUTHOR Bennett, Harold J.
TITLE Bibliography Of Investment And Operating Costs For Chemical And Petroleum Plants January - December 1959 ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... l!J Continuing the series of cost biblio[!;raphies which \Vas ini tiatcd vri th
the publication of Information Circular 7516 in ... 8. Cost Engineering. ...
AUTHOR Katell, Sidney
TITLE The Recent Literature On International Mineral Agreements: A Survey 
SUMMARY ... effects of BPT, that makes possible the definition of major ... The first method is the
cost-based approach, here ... income technique, where a discounted cash flow of ...
AUTHOR Pero, L. M.
TITLE A Real-Time Framework at the Industrial Desktop 
SUMMARY ... The cost to change these systems is great in terms of ... The definition of what is included
is fluid, but with the ... Load- 4 77 D50- 32 31 PĆ£lornsncs Index- 06 C1-
AUTHOR Bascur, Osvaldo A. ; Kennedy, J. P.
Showing: 11 to 20 of 42 matches for "c1 cash cost definition"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5

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