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TITLE Leaching of Bulk Flotation Concentrate as an Alternative to Treat a Complex Sulfide Ore 
SUMMARY ... A characterization of the autoclave leaching residues demonstrated the presence
of lead as PbS04, zinc as ZnS, copper as CuFeS2 and iron as Fe20 3. Only at ...
AUTHOR Sosa-Blanco, C.A.
TITLE Chemistry and Kinetics of Oxidative Sulphuric Acid Leaching of Cobalt-Bearing Convener Slags 
SUMMARY ... researchers who used sulphuric 'acid oxidative autoclave leaching for the recovery
of cobalt, nickel and copper from the slags of Ghatsila plant was thed ost ...
AUTHOR Sobol, S.I.
TITLE Development of AERO® MX3048 Promoter for Oxiana?s Sepon Concentrator, South Central Laos 
SUMMARY ... ABSTRACT Oxiana Sepon’s mineral processing facility in south central Laos produces
copper cathode using leach-autoclave-SX/EW flotation technology. ...
AUTHOR Riccio, Peter
TITLE Chemical Processing-A Wave Of The Future 
SUMMARY ... subsidiary of American Cyanamid Co., developed autoclave processes for recovering
copper, nickel and cobalt from sulfide concentrates, and nickel and manganese ...
AUTHOR Dasher, John
TITLE Oxidization Leaching Of Copper Sulfides In Ammoniacal Pulps At Elevated Temperatures And Pressures 
SUMMARY ... mixing of the solid) liquid) and gaseous phases present in the autoclave. Good
reproducibility of results with high-percentage extraction of copper from each ...
AUTHOR Stanezyk, Martin H.
TITLE Process and Engineering Considerations in the Pressure Leaching of Copper Refinery Slimes 
SUMMARY ... However, depending upon the vapor velocity and the turbulence in the flash tank
or the autoclave, some sulfuric acid/copper sulfate- bearing mist may be emitted ...
AUTHOR Hoffmann, James E.
TITLE Pressure Leaching of Enargite in Sulfate-Oxygen Media 
SUMMARY ... at specified times, and at the end of the experiment, the autoclave was rapidly ... The
withdrawn samples and the final filtrate were analyzed for copper and in ...
AUTHOR Padilla, R.
TITLE Process Development For The Eskay Creek Project 
SUMMARY ... gested. Copper extractions in the autoclave varied from 66.2% to 93.0%,
and zinc extractions ranged from 72.7% to 98.3%. As indi ...
AUTHOR Gathje, John ; Gale, Donald ; Turney, John
TITLE Thiourea Leaching Of Gold And Silver -Technology Update And Additional Applications 
SUMMARY ... Autoclave Leach Residue A sample of leach resldue produced from the autoclave leachlng
of copper smelter flue dusts was subjected to two stages of sulfurlc ...
AUTHOR Hiskey, J. B.
TITLE A Review Of The Extractive Metallurgy Of Indium 
SUMMARY ... slag formed on dross retreatment The slag 1s ground and any Copper present 1s ... 1s
belleved to comprlse an lnltlal sulphurlc acld leach In an autoclave ata hlgh ...
AUTHOR White, C. E. T. ; Slattery, J. A.
Showing: 51 to 60 of 846 matches for "autoclave copper"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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