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TITLE A Review Of The Extractive Metallurgy Of Indium 
SUMMARY ... slag formed on dross retreatment The slag 1s ground and any Copper present 1s ... 1s
belleved to comprlse an lnltlal sulphurlc acld leach In an autoclave ata hlgh ...
AUTHOR White, C. E. T. ; Slattery, J. A.
TITLE Process For Selenium Recovery From Copper Anode Slime By Alkali Pressure Leaching 
SUMMARY ... Debari. Udaipur – 313 024. Rajasthan. India. Key words: Selenium, copper
anode slime, alkali leaching, autoclave Abstract Selenium ...
AUTHOR Saptharishi, S.
TITLE Improved Cupric Ammonium Carbonate Leaching Of Copper Scrap 
SUMMARY ... dissolved copper in ammoniacal carbonate solution is recovered as metal powder by
use of CO or gas as reductants in an autoclave at a temperature of 300 0 ...
AUTHOR Staker, W. L.
TITLE Hydrothermal Reduction of Copper Oxides 
SUMMARY ... H, gas is the subject of this paper and completes the three-step process to produce
the equivalent of blister copper hydrolytically under autoclave conditions. ...
AUTHOR Hevia, Jose F.
TITLE Commissioning of the Bindura Pressure Leach Plant 
SUMMARY ... Sufficient copper dissolution solution is fed to the autoclave to obtain
8 to \0 g/L copper in the autoclave discharge solution. ...
AUTHOR Channon W ; Dube M ; Makwana M ; Kerfoot D G
TITLE The Total Pressure Oxidation Of El Indio Ore And Concentrate 
SUMMARY ... Copper recovery was proposed by direct solvent extraction and electrowinning of
copper by treating the dilute solution from the autoclave discharge. ...
AUTHOR Dreisinger, David B.
TITLE Cathode Quality Control and Productivity Improvement Inco's Copper Cliff Copper Refinery 
SUMMARY ... the cause of recurring mechanical problems in pressure autoclave drive units ... ensure
Inco Limited's customers of a continuing supply of copper of distinctive ...
AUTHOR Whittaker, W. F.
TITLE Aqueous Oxidation Of Molybdenite In Chalcopyrite Concentrates 
SUMMARY ... In order to perform solubility measurements simultaneously with analyses of the
solution for dissolved molybdenum and copper, an autoclave from Autoclave ...
AUTHOR Bertube, Yues
TITLE Oxidation Leaching Of Copper Sulfides In Acidic Pulps At Elevated Temperatures And Pressures 
SUMMARY ... In tests with bornite, chalcocite,and cement copper, addition of sulfuric acid or
pyrite to the autoclave was required to obtain similar copper extractions. ...
AUTHOR Stanczyk, Martin H.
TITLE New Chemical Method Recovers - Nickel - Cobalt – Copper - Metal 
SUMMARY ... standard flotation methods, introduce the concentrate as a slurry into an autoclave
along with ... into forms ready to market, or in the case of copper, ex- truded ...
Showing: 51 to 60 of 795 matches for "autoclave copper"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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