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TITLE The Marvel Loch Crusher Product Sampling System 
SUMMARY ... This inconsistency was considered to be real and fire assay of aqua regia (AR) digest
residues were undertaken to determine if incomplete digestion was the ...
TITLE Some Comments on the Precision and Accuracy of Gold Analysis in Exploration 
SUMMARY ... their rivals. These two methods, aqua regia-MIBK-AAS and fire assay-AAS,
have been adopted for most exploration work. Bearing in ...
TITLE Gold and Silver Assay Methods in the Mining and Metallurgy Industry 
SUMMARY ... It also appears possible to dissolve these metals, after aqua regia digestion and
baking ... of AAS, applied properly, are at least as good as those for fire assay. ...
AUTHOR Anderson, T. N. ; Parr, J. C. ; Stone, L. C. ; Metcalf, D.
TITLE Flame Atomic Absorption Analysis of Gold Jewellery 
SUMMARY ... Another method employed is that of fire assay, although sometimes it is advisable
in ... been determined by dissolving 10 mg of sample in aqua regia and analysing ...
AUTHOR Llavona, M.A.
TITLE Electrolytic Extracton of Gold 
SUMMARY ... Fire assay method Dissolution in aqua regia AC dissolution in HCI AC dissolution
in HCI with UV activated ozone Amount of gold (g/tonne) 14.1 17.6 19.4 23.0 ...
TITLE Review of Analytical Methods for Determining Trace Amounts of Gold in Ores and Process Streams 
SUMMARY ... PTC-l Mill pulp oi1 GXR-5 USGS MAG-l Certified Value Fire assay - HN0 3 -Sn(II),
Te-aqua regia - flame AA Fire assay - gravimetric Aqua regia MIBK - flame AA ...
TITLE A Semiquantitative Chromatographic Method for Estimating Gold 
SUMMARY ... 1959), reduction of auric chloride can take place in aqua regia during heat ... 1.
Comparison with Fire Assay A comparison of estimates obtained by the above method ...
TITLE Recovery Of Gold, Silver, Copper And Niobium From Printed Circuit Boards Using Leaching Column Technique 
SUMMARY ... AAS (Perkin-Elmer, A Analyst 300) previously digested in nitric acid and aqua regia. ...
The Au and Ag concentrations were determined by fire assay. ...
AUTHOR Montero, Ricardo
TITLE Production Of High-Purity Gold From Zinc Precipitates And Steel Wool Cathodes By Hydrometallurgical Refining 
SUMMARY ... High-purity gold was precipitated from the aqua regia solution with oxalic acid ... etc.)
from all experi- ments were analyzed by fire assay for precious metal ...
AUTHOR McClelland, G. E.
TITLE Silver Recovery From Cyanide Tailings Using an Acidic NaCI-FeCI2 Leachant 
SUMMARY ... Leached residues were analyzed by fire assay techniques. ... IFeed assay was 1.7 ounces
of silver per ton ... A sample was leached with aqua regia to determine how much ...
AUTHOR Bremner, P. R.
Showing: 11 to 20 of 119 matches for "aqua regia fire assay"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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