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TITLE An Overview Of The OCRWM Program Efforts 
SUMMARY ... one site in the flood basalts of the Hanford Operation in Washington state.
and one site in tuff adjacent to the Nevada Test Site. ...
AUTHOR Fiore, James
TITLE Solid Waste Disposal In The Mining Industry 
SUMMARY ... Office of Solid Waste U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Washington, DC 20460 ...
is defined in terms of the number of active and inactive mines, and their ...
AUTHOR Hill, Ronald D. ; Auerbach, Janet L.
TITLE Papres - Metal Mining - Methods of Handling the Silicosis Problem in Ontario (With Discussion) 
SUMMARY ... the collection of data from various mines in connection ... to the problem and the active
interest of ... J. Forbes presiding) D. HARRINGTON,* Washington, DC, asked to ...
AUTHOR Bateman, G. C.
TITLE Evaluation Of Recent Developments In Radon Progeny Measurements 
SUMMARY ... Department of Radiology and Radiation Biology Colorado State University, Fort Collins ...
alid , they may not be representative of work areas in active mines. ...
AUTHOR Borak, T. B. ; Franco, E. ; Schiager, K. J. ; Johnson, J. A. ; Holub, R. F.
TITLE Pennsylvania's Research Picks Up Steam 
SUMMARY ... Annual eeting of the mekican eophysical Union, Washington, D. C ... tremen- dous water
accumulations from abandoned mines now encroaching active mining opera ...
AUTHOR Maneval, David R. ; Charmbury, H. B.
TITLE Precious metals exploration fails to makeup for declines in other minerals 
SUMMARY ... papers by A. Rose (Pennsyl- vania State University), R ... Management (BLM), the US Bureau
of Mines (USBM), the US ... Similar sam- pling was also active in many other ...
AUTHOR DeYoung, J. H. ; Attanasi, E. D.
TITLE Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Deposits of the Pacific Northwest 
SUMMARY ... western Idaho and Montana, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia ... in the Pacific Northwest,
the active mines at present ... data for the producing mines and several ...
AUTHOR Field, Cyrus W. ; Bruce, Wayne R. ; Jones, Michael B.
TITLE How Much Coal Do We Really Have? The Need for an Up-to-date Survey 
SUMMARY ... Director Boyd of the Bureau of Mines saying that ... 78 billion, North Dakota IOO billion,
Washington 43 billion ... They have reduced all the state figures and dropped ...
AUTHOR Crichton, Andrew B.
TITLE San Francisco California - September, 1899 
SUMMARY ... It is our intention to show you several of the representative mines and mining ... by
the adequate investment of capital in the copper-deposits of our State. ...
TITLE Papers - Reserves and Mining - How Much Coal Do We Really Have? The Need for an Up-to-date Survey (T.P. 2428, Coal Tech., Aug. 1948, with discussion) 
SUMMARY ... The State survey indicates over a billion tons of ... Except for Greene and Washington
counties, there are few large ... with the coal fields and coal mines of Maryland ...
AUTHOR Crichton, Andrew B.
Showing: 61 to 70 of 3350 matches for "active mines in washington state"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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