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TITLE A Titanium Pigment Feedstock Overview 
SUMMARY ... The end result is a porous, lower-bulk density grain containing around 90 % TiO
l ... they tend to precipitate on and coat any ilmenite (and magnetite) grains in ...
AUTHOR K.J. Stanaway
TITLE Agglomerating Fine Sized Ores With Low Temperature Coke 
SUMMARY ... than the taconite but smaller than the hematite (largest) and magnetite (second
in ... The bulk density of the pellet product made from -6 mesh recycle was 46 lb ...
AUTHOR Lesher, C. E.
TITLE Downward-Flowing Granular Solids As Pressure Seals In Vertical Standpipes ? Summary 
SUMMARY ... on the operability of a standpipe pressure seal using Alan-Wood magnetite, 60- to
230 ... The bulk density of the solids was determined at the end of each run and ...
AUTHOR Demeter, J. J.
TITLE Iron and Steel Division - Effect of Sinter Mix Composition and Additives on the Quality of Blast Furnace Sinter 
SUMMARY ... Effect of variations in sinter feed composition on sinter strength, bulk density,
re- ducibility, chemical composition, and microstructure were determined by ...
AUTHOR Rudolphy, E. C. ; Boquist, C. W. ; Carney, D. J.
TITLE Fundamental Aspects of Design and Performance of Low-Intensity Dry Magnetic Separators 
SUMMARY ... concentrates to the point that substantially all the magnetite is liberated. ... of
ferromagnetics in particle Average density of particle Bulk density of bed of ...
AUTHOR Hopstock, David M.
TITLE Origins and Characteristics of Lateritic Nickel Deposits 
SUMMARY ... S = spinel (magnetite and chromite ┬▒ maghemite). ... in excess of 40 per cent (wet basis)
and, although goethite has a density 4.3, bulk dry density may be ...
TITLE New Synthetic Minerals From Serpentinite Offering A Wide Range Of Applications 
SUMMARY ... the following proper- ties: - low bulk density 0.16-0.56 g ... The low density and the
refractory properties of ... peak of forsterite (F) and magnetite (M) forsterite ...
AUTHOR Legast, P.
TITLE Plant trials of a Siro gauge for the determination of solids weight fraction and ash content of coal in slurries of variable voidage 
SUMMARY ... slurry which gives a measure of the bulk density of the ... in slurry and slurry (air
free) density are summarised ... for slurries is to correct for magnetite in the ...
AUTHOR Watt J S ; Zastawny H ; Howells E ; McLennan T
TITLE Iron Ore Sintering With Charcoal 
SUMMARY ... flows onto an improvement in productivity despite a reduction in the bulk density. ...
coarse nuclei particles and the formation of high proportions of magnetite. ...
AUTHOR K Vining ; M Dell├ćAmico
TITLE Use of Backscattered Gamma Radiation for Determining Grade of Iron Ores in Blast Holes and Development Drill Holes 
SUMMARY ... Laboratory studies of model boreholes have shown that variations in borehole diameter
and variations in bulk density of the formations have a significant ...
AUTHOR Eisler P L ; Mathew P J ; Wylie A W
Showing: 31 to 40 of 2070 matches for "Magnetite bulk density"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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