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TITLE Salt Lake City Paper - Flotation and the Utah Copper Mine 
SUMMARY ... It followed that the cut-off grade of ore gradually dropped from 0.9 per cent. in
1923, until now Utah Copper Co.'s ores carrying in excess of 0.5 pcr cent. ...
AUTHOR Barker, E. E.
TITLE Metal Mining - Classification of Block Caving and Draw Methods 
SUMMARY ... (6) The capping is low-grade ore, and the cut-off grade is relatively high. ... (2) The
broken ore consoli- ping is low-grade ore, and the cut-off grade is ...
AUTHOR McNicholas, F. S.
TITLE Optimizing the Public Gains from the Exploitation of Mineral Resources 
SUMMARY ... At A, the line approaches a cut-off grade for large deposits; at B, it reaches a
cut-off tonnage, that is, the minimum size of deposit that could be exploited ...
AUTHOR Azis, A. ; Zwartendyk, J.
TITLE Parameterization of Optimal Designs of an Open Pit Beginning of a New Phase of Research 
SUMMARY ... In numerical terms, the value of a project will depend mainly upon the total tonnage
V extracted from the mine, the cut-off grade g, the correspond- ing ...
AUTHOR Francois-Bongarcon, D. M. ; Guibal, D.
TITLE Sampling and Estimating Ore Deposits - Methods of Sampling and Estimating Copper Deposits - Sampling and Estimating Orebodies in the Warren District, Ariz. 
SUMMARY ... to be cut off. For convenience in mining and estimating, the larger ore zones or
orebodies are divided into small sections of a fairly uniform grade desig ...
AUTHOR Dickson, Robert H.
TITLE St. Louis Paper - October, 1917 - The Effects of Cross Faults on the Richness of Ore 
SUMMARY ... usu- ally above the fault intersections and frequently these cross faults mark abrupt
changes to lower-grade ore below. Occasionally they may cut off the ore ...
AUTHOR Soper, E. K.
TITLE Extractive Metallurgy Division - El Paso Slag Treatment Plant 
SUMMARY ... The grade not only held but became increasingly higher so that by 1946 sdEcient ... area
around the lead blast fur- naces is rather congested, being cut olT from ...
AUTHOR Woodside, T. J.
TITLE In Situ Leaching Of Copper-An Economic Simulation Approach 
SUMMARY ... Cutoff Grade Model In conventional mining operations, a cutoff grade is defined
as the gratlr of thc or? ... orr grade, rffectivr diffusivit?. ...
AUTHOR Selim, A. Aly ; Yardley, Donald H.
TITLE Using Diamond Drill Hole Data to Project Open Pit Ore Production 
SUMMARY ... l4 They have shown that, if the cut-off values are directly applied to the estimated
grade of blocks, a gross overestimation of the recovered tonnage of ore (14 ...
AUTHOR Daghert, Michel ; David, Michel
TITLE Principles Of Evaluation Of Lateritic Ores 
SUMMARY ... The calculation of tonnage and grade of economically minable ore for an assumed
process and for each assumed cut- off is a major computer problem. ...
AUTHOR Dreyer, Robert M.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 11800 matches for "what is cut off grade"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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