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TITLE Basic Valuation Concepts 
SUMMARY Page 1. Basic Valuation Concepts "There are two characters to the value
of mining properties-one mine may have a value, owing to ...
AUTHOR Gentry, Donald W., Dr. ; O’Neil Thomas J., Dr.
TITLE Educating And Training Economic Geologists Of The Future 
SUMMARY ... there is genuine integration with the cur- riculum and a constant emphasis upon
good writing, in place of the superficial, short course popularly supposed to ...
AUTHOR Behre, Charles H., Jr.
TITLE Rock Mechanics - Stress Distribution in Short Columns 
SUMMARY ... lo : Multivariate Statistical Analysis - A Decision Tool for Mineral Exploration,
Transactions of the Short Course and Symposium on Computers and Computer ...
AUTHOR Willson, J. E. ; Bohidar, N. K.
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Short-Time Creep-Rupture Behavior of Molybdenum at High Temperatures 
SUMMARY Page 1. Short-Time Creep-Rupture Behavior of High Temperatures ... The short lower
line, for which C is 13.9, repre- sents Pugh'sl results. ...
AUTHOR Green, W. V. ; Smith, M. C. ; Olsen, D. M.
TITLE Selecting A Discount Rate 
SUMMARY ... funds, commercial paper, or any number of other relatively safe short-term
opportunities. ... It is true, of course, that some stocks command high prices with low ...
AUTHOR Gentry, Donald W., Dr. ; O’Neil Thomas J., Dr.
TITLE Isotopic Values of Native Sulfur, Barite, Celestite, and Calcite: Their Relationship to Sulfur Deposits and to the Evolution of the Delaware Basin (Preliminary Results) 
SUMMARY ... with prismatic cements. The ore spar episode was defined during the course
of this ongoing study (Hill, 1989). Ore spar consists ...
AUTHOR Hill, Carol A.
TITLE Technical Notes - What Mathematics Courses Should a Mining Engineer Take? 
SUMMARY ... In general, recommendations were for mathematics courses to be given for short
intervals of ... several related courses into a one or two-semester course so that ...
AUTHOR Miller, G. H.
TITLE Operations Research - Operations Research and Regional Mineral Exploration 
SUMMARY ... of drilling (T), is a function of the grid spacing, G. For a uniform distribution
of targets, the probability of discovery of a target is of course a function ...
AUTHOR Harris, D. P.
TITLE Reservoir Engineering–General - Microbial Flora in a Number of Oilfield Water-Injection Systems 
SUMMARY ... tention, and the tests were done under closed con- systems. The logical
course to pursue is that of ditions at iY) psi. Membrane ...
AUTHOR Carlson, V. ; Bennett, E. O. ; Rowe, J. A., Jr.
TITLE Part XI – November 1968 - Papers - The Determination of Rapid Recrystallization Rates of Austenite at the Temperatures of Hot Deformation 
SUMMARY ... cate that essentially complete removal of strain hard- following the course
of short-time, high-temperature ening did in fact occur. ...
AUTHOR Wilber, G. A. ; Bell, J. R. ; Bucher, J. H. ; Childs, W. J.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 14000 matches for "short course"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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