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TITLE Coal - Progress in Longwall Mining 
SUMMARY ... in which three entries on either side of the face were driven ahead of the advancing longwall face. The face was equipped with a coal planer and a Panzer conveyor; timbering was done with wooden timbers and cribs. The roof supports were set without any pattern. The crew to operate the planer and to ...
AUTHOR Schmellenkamp, M.
TITLE A Follow-Up Report on Longwall Coal Mining at Durban Navigation Collieries (Pty.) Limited 
SUMMARY ... operations commenced. At this time, the only fatal accident associated with longwalling occurred when a Non-White inadvertently fell into the panzer conveyor transfer point at the main gate. Some gate road difficulties in this panel were overcome by bolting tapes to the roof as decking and allowing ...
AUTHOR Deats, M. J.
TITLE Tunneling Machines 
SUMMARY ... is cyclic, with cutting occurring only on the upstroke. On the downstroke, the rotating cutterĀ¬head draws the fallen muck from the invert into the panzer-type conveyor for rearward transfer. This feature allows time to either reposition ore cars or to exit the tunnel with muck trains while the ...
AUTHOR Handewith, Howard J. ; Dahmen, Neil J.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 3 matches for "panzer"  Page   1

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