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TITLE Multi method approach to heavy mineral exploration: Miocene of Denmark 
SUMMARY ... model for likely occurrence of Miocene paleo-beach deposits is generated and the coincidence of thin Quaternary cover and potential paleo-beach deposits define targets for detailed exploration. The defined targets are traversed with GPR to identify paleo-beach structures which are then used to ...
AUTHOR Knudsen, C. ; Rasmussen, T. ; McLimans, R. K. ; Jørgensen, T. G. ; Fischer, T. ; Frei, D.
TITLE Developing A New Process Design For The Southwestern Oregon Industrial Mineral Bearing Placer System Via Practical Study Of The Unique Deposition, Mineralogy, And Dry Tailing Requirements - Introduction - Preprint 09-038 
SUMMARY ... will allow the unique paleo-beach placer deposits of southwestern Oregon to be mined efficiently and economically, creating an additional domestic source for chromite, garnet, and zircon. Engineering design has been guided by the variable geology and mineralogy of the paleo-beach placer deposits as ...
TITLE Deposit Types and Paleo-Depth Extents of Coromandel Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits 
SUMMARY ... Paleo-depths for a range ofdeposits are estimated using various features including: paleo-surface indicators (e.g. sinters), hydrostatic pressures estimated from homogenisation temperature measurements on fluid inclusions, and alteration mineralogy. Paleo-depth estimates to the base of the ore zone ...
AUTHOR A B Christie
TITLE New Mine Development - A New Industrial Mineral Sand Mine Near Coos Bay, Oregon 
SUMMARY ... variable geology and mineralogy of the paleo-beach placer deposits as well as the need for a dry tailing scheme that resolves a lack of water resources at the placer locations and at the same time eliminates the need for slurry settling ponds, typical of paleo-beach placer operations in North ...
AUTHOR Drew, Joseph D.
TITLE Sedimentological And Geomorphological Environment Of The Western South African Continental Shelf And Its Control And Distribution Of Alluviaufluvial And Marine Diamonds 
SUMMARY ... a significant diamond resource within gravels associated with paleo-shorelines, channels and transgressive lag deposits. Diamonds were transported from the Kaapvaal Craton to the coast largely during the late Cretaceous via the paleo-Orange river systems. On shore and near shore environments are ...
AUTHOR Kuhns, R.
TITLE Copaquire, Chile: Its Geologic Setting and Porphyry Copper Deposit 
SUMMARY ... explains the near linearity of porphyry copper deposits in Chile, since the source of calc-alkalic magma would exist at about the same distance from a paleo-trench throughout the length of the paleo-subduction zone ...
AUTHOR Hollister, V. F. ; Bernstein, M.
TITLE The Bsnmod Program and Preliminary Application to Paleo-Fluid Flow Modeling in the Anticosti Basin 
SUMMARY ... Preliminary Application to Paleo-Fluid Flow Modeling in the Anticosti Basin This paper consists of two parts: the first part describes the principles and functionality of the BsnMod program, and the second part presents preliminary application of this program to paleo-fluid flow modeling in the ...
AUTHOR Chi, Guoxiang
TITLE The Waihi Epithermal Gold-Silver Quartz Vein System, New Zealand: a High-Throughput Geothermal System of Late Miocene Age 
SUMMARY ... Geothermal System of Late Miocene Age The Late Miocene gold-silver bearing epithermal system at Waihi has some close similarities in its paleo-thermal and -geochemical structure with modern, volcanic-hosted geothermal systems such as Ohaaki-Broadlands. At Waihi an extensive braided quartz vein ...
AUTHOR Blattner P
TITLE Axial Accretion in the North Fiji Basin (SW Pacific) Between 16║ and 22║ S 
SUMMARY ... Accretion in the North Fiji Basin (SW Pacific) Between 16? and 22? S The North Fiji Basin (NFB) is delineated by the Vitiaz trench to the North (paleo sub duction zone, Brocher, 1985), the Vanuatu is- land arc (called before New Hebrides arc) to the West and South, the Hunter Fiacture Zone to the ...
AUTHOR Eissen JP ; Lafoy Y ; Gente P ; Charlou JL
TITLE Tectonic Development of the Gippsland Basin and Environs: Identification of Key Episodes Using Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA) 
SUMMARY ... Track Analysis (AFTA) is a thermal history reconstruction tool that enables determination of magnitude and timing of maximum paleotemperature and paleo-geothermal gradient at the time of maximum paleotemperatures. From this information, the amount of section missing at major unconfornities can be ...
Showing: 1 to 10 of 53 matches for "paleo"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6

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