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TITLE Kinetic Study On Heating Cycle For Removal Of LOI In Iron Ore Fines For Pelletization 
SUMMARY ... Presence of some of these phases like goethite, kaolinite, and gibbsite contribute
to the loss on ignition (LOI) content of the sample. Iron ore fines (pellet ...
AUTHOR Beuria, P.C.
TITLE Minerals Beneficiation - Reduction Cracking in Briquetted Iron Ore Mixtures 
SUMMARY ... The Oxfordshire ore contained 19.506 CaO, 8.9% SiO,, 3.0% MgO and 6.1% A1,0,, with
about 34% total iron, largely as Fe,O,; the loss on ignition was 25.7%, of ...
AUTHOR Stone, H. E. N. ; Daniell, B. L.
TITLE Biomass Reduction Roasting Of Goethite Ore At Low Temperature 
SUMMARY ... and the loss on ignition (LOI) is 12.28%. The main phase structures of the raw ore
are SiO 2 and FeOOH. The reduction roasting of a sample of iron ore mixed ...
TITLE On-Line Determination of Free and Bound Moisture in Iron Ore 
SUMMARY ... shift and attenuation were correlated with either wt% loss on ignition (LOI) or ...
Measurement technique Measurements on iron ore samples were made using the ...
TITLE Recovery Of Values From Tailing Ponds Of Iron Ore Washing Plants 
SUMMARY ... composite tailings sample, basically originating from two operating iron ore
beneficiation plants ... 2 , 2.52% Al 2 O 3 and 3.30% loss on ignition (LOI) from ...
AUTHOR Vasumathi, N.
TITLE Iron Ore Characteristics and their Application in Optimising the Granulation Process 
SUMMARY ... The results of chemical and ph ase analyses of the iron ores are shown in Figures
1 and 2 ... Ac cording to the value of the LOI (loss on ignition), the seven ...
AUTHOR X Huang ; X Lv ; R Zhang ; C Bai ; M Zhou
TITLE Iron Nugget Production Technology in Rotary Hearth Furnace Process at Lower Temperature 
SUMMARY ... of the materials are shown in Table 1. As shown in Table 1, the iron ore is hematite
from Australia with high iron grade and high loss-on-ignition (LOI). ...
AUTHOR D Duan ; H Han ; X Wang ; T Li
TITLE Innovative Flotation Routes in an Iron Ore Concentrator 
SUMMARY ... range Size Fe/% SiO 2 Al /% 2 O 3 P/% /% Loss on ignition/% MnO 2 ... concentrator of
Vargem Grande, in Proceedings Fourth Brazilian Symposium on Iron Ore pp 580 ...
AUTHOR Peres, A.E.C.
TITLE Exploration Of One Of The World’s Largest Iron-Ore Districts; Brazil’s Serra Dos Carajás 
SUMMARY ... higher phos- phorous and alumina content and a greater ignition loss than the ... billion
metric tons of measured, indicated, and inferred iron ore which contains ...
AUTHOR Ruff, Arthur W. ; Tremaine, John H. ; Bernardelli, Arthur L. ; Beisiegel, Vanderlei
TITLE Infrared Spectroscopic Drill Core Logging - Making Inroads to Deposit Scale 3D Mineralogy 
SUMMARY ... of kaolinite and quartz are omnipresent in most iron ore deposits; hence ... contents
of these samples were calculated from loss on ignition measurements at ...
AUTHOR M Haest ; I Vitins ; A Hacket
Showing: 1 to 10 of 2690 matches for "loss of ignition and iron ore"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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