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TITLE Cut-and-Fill Stoping at Lucky Friday Mine 
SUMMARY ... high bolted rings in sufficient numbers to accommodate a 2.4-m (8-ft) high fill.
Backfilling: The material for filling is hydraulic sand backfill consisting of ...
TITLE Stope Filling At Boulder Perseverance Shaft 1895-1972 
SUMMARY ... A short study showing how first dry fill and later hydraulic sand fill has allowed
mining to continue immediately adjacent to worked out areas in a mine 75 ...
TITLE Cost Calculations for Underhand Cut-and-Fill Mining 
SUMMARY ... All materials are based on wide vein 1.52 1.52 1976 prices Hydraulic sand fill taken
to be $1.25 per st of ore extracted Backfill Hydraulic sand 1.25 - ...
AUTHOR Pugh, Gordon M. ; Rasmussen, David G.
TITLE Cut-and-Fill Stoping at Star Mine 
SUMMARY ... Mining Co., located in Burke, Shoshone County, ID, the mining method is horizontal
slicing (timbered or untimbered) cut-and-fill using hydraulic sand backfill. ...
AUTHOR Miner, Gordon
TITLE Cost Calculations for Timbered Stoping 
SUMMARY ... These stopes can be filled with sand or waste when desirable ... 2, square-set timbering
may be used in cut-and-fill stopes to support the back and walls until fill ...
AUTHOR Pugh, Gordon M. ; Rasmussen, David G.
TITLE New Backfill Binder and Method 
SUMMARY ... Backtill mix design: Hydraulic sand fill at 75 mass per cent solids; 35:
I sand/binder ratio. Owing to the absence of a backfill ...
AUTHOR Baiden G ; Grossi M
TITLE Wire Netting Paddocking in Stopes-Broken Hill South Limited 
SUMMARY ... as a substitute for the boards in the erection of stope paddocks for sand fill. ...
sizalkraft, one layer for pneumatic filling and two layers for hydraulic filling ...
TITLE Marine Prefabricated Vertical Drains For The Craney Island Eastward Expansion 
SUMMARY ... Dike Construction The cross dikes will be constructed first, and made of hydraulic
sand fill placed on top of the river bottom which was at approximate ...
AUTHOR Brotman, Ira
TITLE The Direct Filling of 1100 Orebody Stopes from Surface at Isa Mine 
SUMMARY ... DIRECT FILLING FROM SURFACE The alternatives to filling with aggregate via underground
belts were: (a) Fill the voids with hydraulic sand fill. ...
TITLE Lead-zinc Ore Mining by Mount Isa Mines Ltd, Hilton Mine, Mount Isa, Qld 
SUMMARY ... are connected, a .single layer concrete brick bulkhead built at the stope entry,
fill pipes run and connected, and the void ruled with hydraulic sand fill. ...
Showing: 1 to 10 of 2760 matches for "hydraulic sand fill"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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