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TITLE High-Modulus Hydraulic Fills For Deep Mines 
SUMMARY ... Four vane- shear tests were made in the hydraulic sand fill through ports
in the sides of the test cells. Pocket penetrometer and ...
AUTHOR Friel, Leroy ; Stout, Koehler
TITLE Hydraulic Tailings Fill Improvements ?Butte?1969? ? The Problem 
SUMMARY ... 35, entitled "Hydraulic Stope Filling ... with porous burlap, and then placed out in
the stope fill area, filtered out the sand and silt, allowing clearer effluent ...
AUTHOR Yde, Harold F., Jr.
TITLE The Potential Use of Foam Technology in Underground Backfilling and Surface Tailings Disposal 
SUMMARY ... tailings. In order to keep the hydraulic sand fill from settling during
transport, the fill was designed at 68 per cent solids. To ...
AUTHOR D Millette ; F Gay
TITLE The Use Of Alluvial Sand And Improvements In Hydraulic Filling Operations At The Mines Of The International Nickel Company Of Canada, Limited, Ontario Division ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... soluble synthetic polymers, when added to hydraulic fill , ator near the ... polyacrylamides
have given thebestresultswith both alluvial sand- fill and classified ...
AUTHOR Conibear, J. K.
TITLE Hecla's Mayflower Mine Uses Hydraulic Sandfill In Stoping Operations 
SUMMARY ... Both hydraulic fill systems have similar pump plants, demand that ... both require some
storage of fill material to accomodate variations in sand demand cycles ...
AUTHOR Wilhelm, G. L.
TITLE Studies Of Several Flocculants To Improve Hydraulic Backfill Characteristics ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... The success of a hydraulic backfilling method employing mill tailings depends largely
upon ... a high percentage of slimes and settle on the top of the sand fill. ...
AUTHOR Bardill, John D.
TITLE Modelling an Ecologically Satisfying Sustainable Global Copper Mining 
SUMMARY ... 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Gravity fill (waste rock)
Sand fill Hydraulic fill (tailings) Paste fill (tailings) ...
AUTHOR J Pateiro ; E Drueppel ; M Mistry
TITLE Coeur D’Alene Profile – 1966 - Introduction 
SUMMARY ... The average placement of sand fill is 600 tons in 24 hours ... to the Tallon vein,
conventional square set and two variations on cut and hydraulic fill are practiced ...
AUTHOR Beall, John V.
TITLE Permeability And Compressibility Tests Aid In Selecting Suitable Hydraulic Fill Materials 
SUMMARY ... in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania were suitable, from the per- meability
standpoint, for use as hydraulic fill. Two materials (alluvial sand and minus 1 ...
AUTHOR Mickle, D. G. ; Hartman, H. L.
TITLE Hydraulic stowing - A solution for subsidence due to underground mining in the USA 
SUMMARY ... the mine is rejected, which if used as a stowing material will fill up 30 ... Fly-ash
from these plant wastes can be mixed with the sand for hydraulic stowing. ...
AUTHOR Sinha, Kausik M
Showing: 1 to 10 of 4010 matches for "hydraulic sand fill"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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