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TITLE Geology and production of humate and weathered coal in New Mexico 
SUMMARY ... presently are mining humate or weathered coal in New Mexico. ... and is overlain by a
sandstone and shale that are ... and the cores are tested for humic acid content ...
AUTHOR Roybal, G. H. ; Barker, J. M.
TITLE Geology And Production Of Humate And Weathered Coal In New Mexico ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... True leonardite does not exist in New Mexico, which has no lignite deposits ... Humic
acids occur in rocks other than cml/lignite/shale sequences, notably in ...
AUTHOR Roybal, G. H.
TITLE Geology And Chemistry Of Humate Deposits In The Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico 
SUMMARY ... And P. MacCarthy, eds., Humic substances in ... Tongue, and the Lewis Shale in southeastern
San Juan Basin, New Mexico: New Mexico Geological Society ...
AUTHOR Hoffman, G.K.
TITLE Uranium Deposits Of The South San Juan Basin, New Mexico ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... and the overlying Brushy Basin "shale" are the ... 4. On flocculating, humic acids form
a weak gel ... oxidized sequence, from outcrop near Churchrock, New Mexico. Fie. ...
AUTHOR Squyres, John B.
TITLE Industrial Rocks and Minerals of New Mexico 
SUMMARY ... 6-Clay and shale deposits and active operations in ... New Mexico's gypsum reserves are
substantial; surface reserves alone ... are salts or esters of humic acid, but ...
AUTHOR Siemers, Wm. Terry ; Austin, George S. ; Kottlowski, Frank E.
TITLE Oxidative Origin Of Sedimentary Humic Acids, Important Carriers Of Metals 
SUMMARY ... hosted uranllm ores of the Grants uranium region, New Mexico are a good example
of organic matter that is believed to have originated as humic acids (Turner ...
AUTHOR Hatcher, Patrick G.
TITLE Origin Of Organic Matter In Sandstone Uranium Deposits Of The Morrison Formation, New Mexico: Geologic And Chemical Constraints 
SUMMARY ... humic acids to form primary uranlum orebodles. Introduction Uranium in the
sandstone-hosted primary uranlum deposits of the Grants uranlum reglon, New Mexico ( ...
AUTHOR Turner-Peterson, Christine E.
TITLE Industrial Rocks And Minerals Of New Mexico 
SUMMARY ... Total production of clay and shale in New Mexico since 1950 amounts to more than
1.38 mil- lion metric tons (1.52 million tons), valued at more than $3.04 ...
AUTHOR Siemer, Wm. Terry
TITLE Organic-Related Alteration And Authigenesis Associated With Epigenetic-Humate Sandstone Uranium Deposits, San Juan Basin, New Mexico 
SUMMARY ... and uranium mineralization, Laguna District , north- western New Mexico. ... color of
the Brushy Basln Shale indicates that it ... iron, presumably as a humic complex. ...
AUTHOR Adams, Samuel S.
TITLE Roles Of Organic Matter In Ore Deposits 
SUMMARY ... In deposits containing gold and lead-zlnc, and in metal rlch shale are discussed
with ... see Tissot and Welte, 1978, and Hunt, 1979) and of humic substances (see ...
AUTHOR Leventhal, Joel S.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 59 matches for "humic shale, new mexico"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6

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