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TITLE Copper and Copper Alloys - A High Strength-High Conductivity Copper-silver Alloy Wire (Metals Tech., June 1948, TP 2366) 
SUMMARY ... this paper refer to strictly binary alloys of ... in a reducing atmosphere, quenched,
phase field. ... Work-burdening CIzuracteristics of Copper- silver Alloys wiih up ...
AUTHOR Hodge, W. ; Jaffee, R. I. ; Dunleavy, J. G. ; Ogden, H. R.
TITLE Iron and Steel Division - Activity Coefficient of Copper in Liquid Iron, Fe-C, And Fe-C-Si Alloys at 1600°C 
SUMMARY ... Page 3. Fig. 3-Distribution of copper between silver and iron. Lower ... 1600aC.
log y'c. the activity coefficient of copper in a binary Fe ...
AUTHOR Koros, Peter J. ; Chipman, John
TITLE Contents 
SUMMARY ... Part I1 - Copper, Gold, Zinc, and Polycrystalline Aluminum An X ... the Liquidus in High-
Temperature Binary Phase Diagrams (TN ... of the Activity of Silver in Silver ...
TITLE Iron and Steel Division - On the Structure of Gold-silver-copper Alloys 
SUMMARY ... Using these two vertical sections and the silver- copper binary diagram, it was
possible to sketch in the limits of the two phase region at several ...
AUTHOR McMullin, J. G. ; Norton, J. T.
TITLE Contents 
SUMMARY ... Diffusion of Zinc from the Vapor Phase into Copper-Zinc and Silver-Zinc Alloys.
A ... CsC1-Type Equiatomic Phases in Binary Alloys of Transition Elements. A ...
TITLE Contents 
SUMMARY ... in Electron-Diffraction Patterns (TN) Solid Solutions in Copper-Iron Alloys ... Melt
(TN) Metastable Close-Packed Structures in Silver-Rich Binary Alloys with ...
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Transformation of Beta-Prime Phase, Au-Zn Alloys at Low Temperatures 
SUMMARY ... 1: it has the typical V shape which is char- acteristic of all copper-, silver-,
and gold-based binary -phase alloys. ... l-The Au-Zn phase diagram. ...
AUTHOR Pops, Horace ; Massalski, T. B.
TITLE PART VI - Papers - Twinning in Beryllium Binary Alloys During Pressurization in a Solid Medium 
SUMMARY ... ductility of the brittle hcp phase.2 Herman et ... Table I. Nominal Compasition of Beryllium
Binary Alloys ... The feature common to the copper, silver, and nickel al ...
AUTHOR Kossowsky, R.
TITLE The processing of eWaste. Part 1: The preparation and characterization of a metallic alloy derived from the smelting of printed circuit boards - Synopsis 
SUMMARY ... cent tin content bronze phase, and silver distributed in a ... As a first approximation
binary phase diagrams 6 for ... The copper- lead diagram (Figure 2) shows that ...
AUTHOR Groot, D. R.
TITLE Part VII – July 1968 - Papers - The Solid Solubilities of Silver, Aluminum, Chromium, Copper, and Iron in Zone-Refined Beryllium 
SUMMARY ... purer than the material previously used for phase diagram studies ... of the bi- nary
systems of beryllium with silver, aluminum, chromium, copper, and iron ...
AUTHOR Jacobson, M. I. ; Hammond, M. L.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 426 matches for "copper silver binary phase diagram"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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