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TITLE Trace Elements In Massive Sulfides From The Semenov-2 Hydrothermal Field, 13º31´ N, Central Atlantic: ICP-MS And LA-ICP-MS Data 
SUMMARY ... The Cu-Zn massive sulfides from the basalt-hosted Semenov-2 hydrothermal ... that the
main carrier of the invisible gold is covellite ... important mineral deposits. ...
AUTHOR Melekestseva, Irina
TITLE Recognition of Wall Rock Alteration Surrounding Central Victorian Gold Deposits 
SUMMARY ... by Na depletion and K enrichment in basalt within 20 to 40 m ... of these alteration
haloes surrounding sediment-hosted orogenic gold deposits in central ...
AUTHOR E House ; V Lisitsin
TITLE Sediment Hosted Epithermal Gold Deposits In Eastern Oregon 
SUMMARY ... and may appear to be a basalt cap from a ... to be in tuffaceous sandstones but gold
mineralization may ... Most of these sediment hosted deposits have clay alteration ...
AUTHOR Wheeler, G.
TITLE Epithermal gold deposits in eastern Oregon 
SUMMARY ... The volcanic-hosted gold concentrations are generally in Harney County ... former and
may appear to be basalt cap from a ... of arsenic, mer- cury, and gold values. ...
AUTHOR Wheeler, G. R.
TITLE Hydrothermal Deposits In Atlantic: Types And Perspectives 
SUMMARY ... typical for the basalt-hosted and carbonates – for the ultramafic ... factors such as
type of hosted rocks, ... The concentration of the gold in these MAR deposits is ...
AUTHOR Cherkashov, Georgy A.
TITLE Wall Rock Alteration and Geochemistry of the Bulyanhulu Gold Deposit, Tanzania: Preliminary Results 
SUMMARY ... bearing dolomite in the Bulyanhulu’s Reef 1 footwall basalt could suggest ... is different
from those of other Archean greenstone-hosted lode gold deposits. ...
AUTHOR J L Mauk ; J Kapusta ; E du Plessis
TITLE Geological Setting and Exploration of Diverse Styles of Gold Mineralization in the Red Lake Camp, Northwestern Ontario 
SUMMARY ... Porphyry-hosted sulphide Au deposits ... Page 11. VHR Gold Deposits – Carbonate Alteration
VHR Gold Deposits – Carbonate Alteration ... Fault Zone Pillowed Basalt ...
AUTHOR Penczak, Robert S.
TITLE Drilling of Shallow Marine Sulfide-Sulfate Mineralisation in the South-Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy 
SUMMARY ... were successfully drilled into a sediment-covered, basalt- hosted, sulfide/sulfate ...
metal massive sulfides to subaerial epithermal gold deposits (Hannington et ...
AUTHOR S Petersen ; T Monecke ; M D Hannington ; K Lackschewitz ; N Augustin ; H Gibson ; K Perrin ; R Sharpe ; K Simpson
TITLE Comparison of Rhyolite-Hosted Gold Deposits in the Coromandel (New Zealand), and Nevada (USA) Epithermal Gold Provinces 
SUMMARY ... 17 Ma, a bimodal high-silica rhyolite and basalt/basaltic andesite assemblage ...
rhyolite-hosted gold deposits at the Round Nlountain, Sleeper and Bullfrog mines. ...
TITLE Geology, Geochemistry and Exploration Implications of Hydrothermal Alteration Associated with Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits 
SUMMARY ... adularia indicates both boiling of the hydrothermal fluids and, in general, proximity
of gold mineralisation potassium ... Basalt-andesite hosted deposits ...
AUTHOR AMIRA P588 Research Team
Showing: 1 to 10 of 275 matches for "basalt hosted gold deposits"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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