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TITLE Increased Productivity Through Use Of High Density Ammonium Nitrate Blasting Agent 
SUMMARY ... rock. By replacing ANFO with high density AN, the powder factor was increased
by 23% without pulling in blast hole patterns. This ...
AUTHOR Adams, J. C.
TITLE Fragmentation Improvement at the Mitsubishi Higashitani Limestone Mine 
SUMMARY ... Blasting practices at the Higashitani mine involve the use of bagged ANFO, dynamite
primers ... two or three blasts are fired per day at a powder factor of between ...
AUTHOR N Ozawa ; K Yoshida ; R Kaneko ; M Arimit
TITLE Selection of Powder Factor in Large Diameter Blastholes 
SUMMARY ... 2. ANFO may not be a desirable product due to its low density. 3. Higher powder
factor has the benefit of no increased capital cost for higher productivity of ...
TITLE The Assessment of Cast Blasting Practices Using Monitoring Techniques 
SUMMARY ... end of the blast, increasing to 54 metres at the northern end Front three rows Other
rows Volume blasted: 1883200 m 3 Explosive: ANFO Powder factor: 0.366 kg/m ...
AUTHOR Moxon N T ; Berndt J R
TITLE Reducing Blasting Damage By Expanding Delay Timing ? Introduction 
SUMMARY ... The maximum load is 33 kg of ANFO with a powder factor of 0.65 kg/t. Blasting is
done with pneumatically loaded ANFO at a specific gravity of 0.95. ...
AUTHOR Rein, R. D.
TITLE Blasting Practices Updated at Cannon Mine 
SUMMARY ... About 1.8 (6 ft) row burden and the use of Anfo produced a powder factor of 0.45
kg/t (0.9 lb per st) (calculations based on 18 m or60ft bench height and 16.7 ...
AUTHOR Gilbert, Clark J.
TITLE Blast Performance Assessment using a Dragline Monitor 
SUMMARY ... 3 7.8 metres 9 metres 28 metres 5 metres Explosive loading: Toe charge
(heavy ANFO) Column charge (ANFO) Powder factor a) b) The ...
AUTHOR Geoff Baldwin
TITLE An Empirical Method of Assessing Rock Mass Blastability 
SUMMARY ... Figure 1 also shows energy factor (rather than powder factor) as the alternative
dependent variable so that explosives other than ANFO can be compared. 91 ...
TITLE BlastLiteTM ù The Practical Low-Density Solution 
SUMMARY ... was able to achieve the target floor level ±0.5 m. The application of BlastLite
as a replacement for ANFO resulted in a reduction in the powder factor of 22 ...
AUTHOR D Gribble ; M Littlefair ; R Rounsley ; I Te
TITLE Production Blasting and the Development of Open Pit Slopes 
SUMMARY ... should always be used with caution, since a reduction of ANFO efficiency by only ...
A method of design of charges using powder factor, preferred by the author, is ...
AUTHOR Ashby, John P.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 471 matches for "anfo powder factor"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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