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TITLE Technical Notes - Sigma Phase in the Molybdenum-Ruthenium System 
SUMMARY ... the Mn-Mo u phase as given by Decker, Waterstrat, and Kasper,' the lines of the Fe-Mo a as given by Goldschmidt," and the lines of the Mo-Ru phase multiplied by constants in order to make comparison with the Mn-Mo and Fe-Mo patterns easier. These results indicate that the compound in the Mo-Ru ...
AUTHOR Bloom, D. S.
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Intermediate Phases in the Mo-Fe-Co, Mo-Fe-Ni, and Mo-Ni-Co Ternary Systems 
SUMMARY ... Institute of Metals Division - Intermediate Phases in the Mo-Fe-Co, Mo-Fe-Ni, and Mo-Ni-Co Ternary Systems IN a previous publication1 1200°C isothermal phase diagram sections were given for the Cr-CO-Ni, Cr-Co-Fe, Cr-Co-Mo, and Cr-Ni-Mo ternary systems, in which the a phase formed narrow, elongated ...
AUTHOR Das, D. K. ; Rideout, S. P. ; Beck, P. A.
TITLE Annual Meeting, St. Louis 
SUMMARY ... Mo. *Dr. Adolph Schmidt, - St. Louis, Mo. *Alexander Leonhard, - St. Louis, Mo. *Edward D. Meier, - St. Louis, Mo. *John W. Meier, - St. Louis, Mo. *Prof. Forrest Shepherd, - St. Louis, Mo. *Edward Walsh, - Pilot Knob, Mo. *George Riggs, - St. Louis, Mo. †Col. Chas. B. Parsons, - Cadet, Mo. † W. A ...
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Factors Affecting the Strength of Iron-Rich Iron-Molybdenum-Boron Alloys 
SUMMARY ... of alloy strengthening were observed: a) Fe-2 pct Mo-B alloys were hardenable by a bainitic-type transformtion of austenite to ferrile; b) Fe-4 pct Mo-B alloys were hardened by the solid-solution mechanism; and C) Fe-9 pct Mo-B and Fe-19 pct Mo-B alloys were hardened by precipitation of the E Fe3Moz ...
AUTHOR Coldren, A. P. ; Semchyshen, M. ; Scholz, W. G.
TITLE Part XII – December 1968 – Papers - Phase Transformations in Ti-Mo and Ti-V Alloys 
SUMMARY ... in Ti-Mo and Ti-V Alloys Several of the decomposition processes that can occur in supersaturated phases in a Ti:11.6 wt pct Mo and a Ti:20 wt pct V alloy have been studied by transmission electron microscopy. The deformation induced "marternsitic phase" in the Ti:Mo alloy has been found to have a ...
AUTHOR Blackburn, M. J. ; Williams, J. C.
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Constitution of Fe C Mo Alloys Containing 0.05 - 1.3 pct C and 0.03 - 6.0 pct Mo 
SUMMARY ... Mo,C as shown in Figs. 2(a) and (b)-but not (Fe, Mo),C, Fig. 3(b). Alkaline KMnO, attacked (Fe, Mo),C, Fig. 3(c), and also attacked M0,C. In accordance with these behaviors, a typical differentiation of coexisting Mo,C and (Fe, Mo),~ is shown in Figs. 4(a) and (b). The carbide (Fe, Mo),,C, could not ...
AUTHOR Campbell, R. F. ; Ballard, S. H. ; Reynolds, L. W. ; Carroll, K. G.
TITLE Optimisation Of The Phosphate Nokes Process At The El Teniente By-Product Molybdenite Plant 
SUMMARY ... Teniente's ore Mo grade is 0.02%Mo and is concentrated to 0.45%-0.50% Mo in bulk Cu-Mo flotation. Subsequently, molybdenite is floated by selective flotation to depress Cu and Fe sulfides, such as chalcopyrite, bornite, digenite and pyrite, to produce typically a 49%-50%Mo molybdenite concentrate ...
AUTHOR Castro, S. H.
TITLE PART VI - Effect of Rhenium on the Interface Energies of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Tungsten 
SUMMARY ... tenzperatzcre, orientation, and purity effects giz,e the follouling approximations in ergs per sq ctn: ysv (i2lo. Mo-33Re) - 2100, ySS (Mo, Mo-33Re) - 800, rr (defornzation twins in MO-33Re at 1200"C) - 800. ysV (Cr. Cr-35Re) - 2400. YSS (CY, Cr-35Re) - 1000. Probably Ylv- YSV- 2500 for tungsten and ...
AUTHOR Allen, B. C.
TITLE Technical Notes - Formation of Sigma Phase in the Mn-Mo System 
SUMMARY ... nickel. In that respect Mn-Mo shows the same anomaly as Mn-Cr and Mn-V systems.' A second feature is that in common with the two other known molybdenum (Fe-Mo and Co-Mo), Mn-Mo v exists only at elevated temperatures. The X-ray powder pattern of the pure a phase of Mn-Mo is given in Table 11. It ...
AUTHOR Decker, B. F. ; Waterstrat, R. M. ; Kasper, J. S.
TITLE Institute of Metals Division - Effect of Mo, W, and V on the High Temperature Rupture Strength of Ferritic Steel 
SUMMARY ... 0.48 pct Si. They were grouped as follows: Mo Group—Containing up to 5.2 pct Mo. W Group-Containing up to 6.0 pct W. V Group—Containing up to 3.3 pct V. Mo-V Group—Containing up to 2.7 pct Mo and up to 1.4 pct V. Mo-W Group—Containing up to 2.5 pct Mo and up to 2.5 pct W. The steels, listed in Table ...
AUTHOR Powers, A. E.
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